The Board rules will deal with artificial grass

The Board rules will deal with artificial grassAt the next meeting of the Council on the rules of the game of football, which will be held in mid March in Northern Ireland's capital Belfast, it may be decided to permit all official competitions in the fields with artificial turf. According to the President of the RFU Vyacheslav Koloskova, for allowing me to play not only natural lawns stands not only Russia but also the Scandinavian countries, and even Spain, whereas against Italy, France and England.Recall that FIFA was already allowed to conduct official and friendly matches at the level of teams on artificial pitches. UEFA also objected to the Champions League and UEFA Cup on these lawns. Until the officials Lennart Johansson has identified five countries, including Russia, which conducted experiments to determine the feasibility of such decision.. . . Читать полностью -->

The Championship Of Spain. Real Sociedad are back on top

The Championship Of Spain. Real Sociedad are back on top1:0 Alfonso, 17; 1:1 Rosado, 83; 2:1 Assuncao, 89 1:0 Molina, 40; 1:1 Kahveci, 43; 1:2 Kahveci, 57; 1:3 Lorente, 90 1:0 MiloЕЎeviД‡, 7 0:1 Mackay, 21 Komandant /-Oreal Sociedad-are-Alt-Neu-bei-art-ALK-all-RG-Ala-bun-all-Ala-Ala-Ala-Ala-yo Vallecano-are-any-ITU-319. . . . . Читать полностью -->

UEFA punishes bullies Federation

UEFA punishes bullies FederationFor the racist antics of the fans, violations of public order and the lack of organization held in October of the qualifying match of EURO 2004 qualifier between Slovakia and England KDK UEFA fined the Slovak football Federation 60 thousand Swiss francs. For bullying the fans of his team's 20 thousand francs fine will pay the English football Association.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Ivan refuses to pay for Osipova and Jokesa

Ivan refuses to pay for Osipova and JokesaKiev "Arsenal" addressed the Committee on the status and transfer of players FIFA to recognize that in March last year, former players, "Wings of the Soviets" Alexey Osipov and Andrews jokes moved to Ukrainian club, headed by Vyacheslav Grozny, the rights of free agents. Yesterday in a press-service of Kiev reported that at the time of transition from Osipova ended the contract with the samarians, and jokes, for four months have not been paid, stayed with the club in a state of judicial confrontation. Both players last summer has left the Arsenal and now intend to sign contracts with other clubs. "Wings" meanwhile seek or return Osipova and Yoksas, or to receive compensation for them from the Ukrainian team.. . . Читать полностью -->

Inter for Metzelder will give Kalona

Inter for Metzelder will give KalonaAccording to reports in Italian sports media guide "inter" in active negotiations with Borussia Dortmund about buying one of the best defenders in Germany Christoph Metzelder. In return, the Italians offer Champions Germany striker from Sierra Leone Mohamed of Kalona plus 3 million euros.At the same time, it is known that inter have already agreed with the Spanish club Deportivo of La coruГ±a on the sale of the Portuguese wingers Sergio Conceicao.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

5 candidates for the title of best goalkeeper

5 candidates for the title of best goalkeeperDomestic goalie shop consistently produces high quality products - two opinions on this matter can not be. Heirs Khomich, Yashin, Dasaev with each new season only claim in the opinion that our school continues to be one of the most reputable on the planet, and therefore, without fear of contradiction, we can predict: the upcoming championship her reputation will not break.Where such confidence? Yes to look at the most recent super Cup match, the characters of which were Ovchinnikov and] - two best goalkeepers today Russian clubs and the national team. Both, no doubt, and in the starting days of the championship will set the tone, because the fundamentals of the chosen craft know by heart. First and foremost this applies to the guard gate champion, and older colleagues for 11 years, and more experienced.Style of play Ovchinnikova, agree, not very conspicuous. Acrobatic jumps "to the audience," he resent. Rationalism and rationalism - that is what the desired result is achieved. Читать полностью -->