Dmitry Smirnov signed a five-year contract with Spartak

Dmitry Smirnov signed a five-year contract with SpartakYesterday, the midfielder of FC torpedo-ZIL", the best scorer of the team last season Dmitry Smirnov signed a five-year contract with Spartak. FTC acknowledged the player's contract with zilovskoye club void, and tomorrow Smirnov will travel with his new team in Sochi. Spartak won the argument for the football player of "Dynamo", "torpedo" and "Wings of the Soviets".In addition, the "SE" became known list of players of "Spartak", which tomorrow should go to the first training camp in Sochi. This goalie - Levitsky, Agapov, Alekseev (or Zuev); defenders - moisГ©s, Kebe, Abramides, Mitreski, Kovtun, Khlestov, Akhmedov, Sheshukov, Salkic, Danilenko, Lozhkin, Riflemen, Popov; Midfielders - Kalinichenko, Kudryashov, Smirnov, ruby, Pavlenko, rootless, Likhtarovich, Shigero, Torbinsky, Rebko, Nemov, Trample, Samedov; forwards - daniszewski, Sonin, Pavlyuchenko, Endnote, Pogrebnyak, Migurski, Golovko.The list is not final, it may change on Friday, when the team will come back from vacation and will hold a meeting. It is not excluded that some newcomers will come to the view directly in Sochi. It is known that there will not fly captain red-white Titov and his Deputy Parfenov, received last season from a serious injury. Читать полностью -->

The Championship Of Russia. Legion-2003: $30000000

The Championship Of Russia. Legion-2003: $30000000This influx of foreign players from abroad, as in the past offseason, the Russian championship is not yet known. Today, the day before the end of the bidding campaign, contracts with Premier League clubs have signed 50 "new" foreigners. Many of them football players at a really high level. And, apparently, for the first time the Legionnaires will play a decisive role in many of our teams, and hence in the entire League. According to the "SE" in the offseason Russian clubs spent on the purchase of newcomers from abroad of about $ 30 million.Russian Superleague is similar to Italian or English. Читать полностью -->

Ronaldo may return to inter

Ronaldo may return to interBrazilian Ronaldo, he is currently at real Madrid, said that he might return to his former club, inter Milan. However, there is one "but". The return can take place only if the post of the trainer of Italians leaving Hector Cooper. Winner of the 2002 world Cup, in particular, indicated that his "love affair" with black and blue failed because the people did not believe in its possibilities."". . . Читать полностью -->

Raul and Redondo called fools

Raul and Redondo called foolsThe Director General of the immigration Department of Madrid Thomas Faith described Milan and real Madrid Fernando Redondo and Raul as "fools". Such unflattering to review both of these players have been rewarded for the fact that, according to the Faith, reacted quite tolerable to one of the representatives of the radical fascist-racist organization "UltraSurf". Faith was referring to the moment when one of the leaders of this organization Jose Luis Ochaita together with a group of his minions were awarded the medal of Redondo. As for Raul, he was seen in the number of accompanying persons Ochita."Redondo is a great and unique player. However, he allowed himself to accept a medal from the criminal, racist, xenophobic nature, from a person who by their actions strongly offends his countrymen. Therefore, Redondo acted like a real fool. Читать полностью -->

Igor Chugainov may leave Uralan

Igor Chugainov may leave UralanName 32-year-old defender is not in the preliminary list of players departing on 4 January for a training camp in Turkey. Confirmed this information and General Director of "Uralan" Clement Hwang. Contact by Chugainov failed - along with Alex Smartini he was now hunting in Altai, will come again tomorrow.The next day the former Libero of Russian national team will have another meeting with the new head coach of alistina Igor Shalimov (the first, held last Friday after the General meeting of teams that didn't bring results). It is expected that after this meeting the fate of Chugainova finally be clear. Under the issue of further stay in the "Uralane" and team captain Vladimir Kazakov until proglucagon contract.. . Читать полностью -->

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