Chernyshov walked to the international Association of coaches

Chernyshov walked to the international Association of coachesThe head coach of the youth national team of Russia Andrei Chernyshov walked into the coaches Association (FACA), created in 1997 when the English football Association. Its members are the majority of British professionals, as well as foreign coaches. To Chernyshova our country in FACA represented Nikita Simonyan.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Lippi is silent, Cooper promises severe pressure

Lippi is silent, Cooper promises severe pressureToday at the "Stadio Delle Alpi" will see the best defence against the best attack of the championship of Italy, Juventus against inter and Milan four thousand fans. Lippi prefers to keep silent, even yesterday he stated that he will not come to the press conference, Cooper demonstrates his talent as a speaker."Now is the time to win this fight face to face," said the coach of "inter" Hector Cooper ahead of the match with Juventus at the Delle Alpi". Win only, alternative to a "nerrazzuri," according to the Argentine coach, can not be. Ahead of the match Cooper says everything, avoiding, however, talk about the team on a match with "the old lady"."When the team has some difficulties, they become more of a incentive to play even better. If we are not in his best form, then this does not affect my trust in the team, I still remain optimistic. The match is very important, and we must not forget the responsibility you take on. Читать полностью -->

The Scots cancel winter vacation

The Scots cancel winter vacationRepresentatives of twelve Scottish clubs have gathered in Glasgow yesterday and decided next season to conduct domestic League without a winter break. The calendar of the championship for next season will be defined in more detail in the summer.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

The championship Scotland: statistics

The championship Scotland: statisticsMotherwell Aberdeen 1 - Paul cherine 7(pen)Livingston 1 - Oscar Rubio arts 1 - Phil stamp dandy 2 - Stephen Milne 41, Lee Wilkie Tillamook 2 - Peter Canero 51, Gary Mcswigan 85. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Gallery of the most famous people rejected by clubs

Gallery of the most famous people rejected by clubs1. Alexander Panov, 27 years old, Dynamo, 24 games (4 goals) in the past has sensoneural in the team only one season. It is obvious that it has not been able fully to prove himself. By the end of the championship not only looked the strongest among the attackers, but did not get into the first team. By mutual agreement the contract between him and the club was terminated. Now on view in St. Читать полностью -->

The General Secretary of the RFU for the reduction in the number of foreign players

The General Secretary of the RFU for the reduction in the number of foreign playersThe Secretary-General of the Russian football Union Vladimir Radionov considers necessary to reduce the number of foreign players in the Russian football Premier League."At the request of the Russian clubs for the season of 2003 claimed 180 legionaries, - said the Secretary General of the RFU. Is almost 18 full-fledged compositions. This situation is not good for Russian football, exacerbating the problem of absence of their top players".According to Radionova, to improve the quality of Russian football should follow the English way, when clubs are invited only those legionaries who had spent more than 75% of matches for their national teams.In addition, the General Secretary of the RFU and led another sad statistic, according to which 1 thousand players in Russia, has only three fields. "Driving European countries - Holland, France - I envy the fact that in these countries, many times inferior to Russia in size, there are huge soccer complexes with several great fields," said Rodionov. - In our situation, when unfavorable economic environment that seems fantastic, but start to raise the Russian football need with the promotion and popularization of this sport".However, Radionov stressed that the issue of foreign players in domestic football it is impossible to solve in the coming years. To close it you need to do understanding with the parties and representatives of the Russian football organizations, and leadership clubs.. Читать полностью -->

Rogachev - footballer of the year in Moldova

Rogachev - footballer of the year in MoldovaAssociation History and Statistics of Moldovan Football (AISFM) has named the best players of 2002. In a survey of AISFM in the nomination "the Best of the Moldovan footballer 2002," won the player of the Russian club "Saturn-Ren TV" Sergey Rogachev, who scored 280 points. First place forward of the national team of Moldova gave 40 respondents (5 points), 22 gave him second place (3 points) and 14 people - third (one point). Thus, Sergey Rogachev became the first player who managed to become the best player in Moldova three times.Second in the nomination "the Best football player of the year" called another representative of the "Saturn-Ren TV" - Radu rebezha, scored 174 points (19-21-16). Third place was taken by midfielder "Zimbru" Boris Cebotari, who scored 162 points (28-6 - 4).All winners in the nomination "the Best football player of the year:1992 - Alexandru Spiridon (Zimbru Chisinau).1993 - Alexander Curteian (Zimbru Chisinau).1994 - Sergei kleschenko (Zimbru Chisinau).1995 - ion Testemitanu (Zimbru Chisinau).1996 - Sergei Rogachev (Olimpia Balti / Constructorul" Chisinau).1997 - ion Testemitanu (Zimbru Chisinau).1998 - Alexander Curteian ("Zenith" St.-Petersburg, Russia).1999 - Sergei Epureanu (Zimbru Chisinau, "Samsunspor, Turkey).2000 - Sergei kleschenko (Maccabi Haifa, Israel).2001 - Sergei Rogachev ("Saturn" Moscow region, Russia).2002 - Sergei Rogachev ("Saturn" Moscow region, Russia).Also were named best players of the 2002 version of the football Federation of Moldova (FMF). The best goalkeeper is named Catalin Multescu (Zimbru), best defender - Vazha Tarkhnishvili (Sheriff), best midfielder Stanislav Ivanov ("Sheriff"), best forward - Sergei Dadu (Tiraspol). Читать полностью -->

Vladimir Beschastnyh: Yugoslavs warn - Albania very strong

Vladimir Beschastnyh: Yugoslavs warn - Albania very strongVolgograd match with Albania's top scorer of the Russian team watched from the bench. Will he play in Shkodra is unknown. But in any case the striker, now playing for Turkish club Fenerbahce, is on alert. Let his case in the new club are not the best way.- Tired of waiting we heard about the first hammered the ball into the composition of the Istanbul club. What are the barriers to access "Turkish" facial and a half months? - since this issue began a conversation with Vladimir Beschastnyh.- I myself, as you know, I really want to score. I try, but as they say, is not.- In fenerbahГ§e, you are a forward position, isn't it?- You are absolutely right. Читать полностью -->

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