Voronin asked Arminius

Voronin asked ArminiusThe German Bundesliga club "Arminius" Bielefeld has announced its desire to acquire forward, "Mainz" and national team of Ukraine Andriy Voronin. According to the Executive Director, "Armenia" Thomas van Heesen, bielefeldt going to do Voronin offer. "Arminius" is looking for a replacement to my best scorer of the pole Artur Wichniarek that needs next season to move to Hertha BSC Berlin."Arminius was one of the candidates for the acquisition of Ukrainian striker before the start of the current campaign. 23-year-old Voronin - second top scorer in the Bundesliga with 16 goals and is the target of several German clubs including Stuttgart. The contract of Andrew ends in the summer, and he insists he chose to stay in Mainz, if he will come in higher свет.dynamomania.com. . Читать полностью -->

Totti is not going to surrender

Totti is not going to surrenderFrancesco Totti in an interview with the newspaper "Corriere della Sport" said that he intends as soon as possible to restore its form:"the other day I took a survey in a special clinic where I was told that my chances of quickly come back pretty good. The main thing is to avoid undue stress while on your back, slowly infusing into the training process. However, I'm not used to wait and want as quickly as possible to recover their former condition. I will work up a sweat, but still will succeed!"."Regarding statements about my Sensi unimportant psychological condition, let me just say that this is not true. Of course, it's hard to lead a team if you're still recuperating and I feel pain after only 30 minutes of the game, but it talks in favor of the poor. I'm not used to complain, and the team needs me, so you just need to "concatenate" the teeth and to overcome yourself. Читать полностью -->

Basevi ready to go to Saturn

Basevi ready to go to SaturnStill no clarity on the issue with a further continuation of a career leading midfielder of "Spartak-Alania" Gamboled Bazayeva. Are interested in his services "Saturn" and "Zenith" where D. Bazaev leasehold spent the entire second round. "Spartak-Alania" to the end of next year will own the rights to this player. However, D. Bazaev not going to stay in Vladikavkaz. Читать полностью -->

Raul Bravo: can't afford to relax

Raul Bravo: can't afford to relax- The holiday is over and now we need to get back to the championship where you idtt, if you look at past years, a difficult game against Malaga.- Yes, "La Rosaleda" is not legkim field, but we have ideas how to get the next win on the road, which will help us to rise up and in a good mood to go on vacation.- Do you think you might need more often to vary the basic structure?- We know that the next match we will be in the framework of La Liga and in htm will be played three important points, so I think that the lack of motivation and not from the major players.- What do you think is the most dangerous in "Malaga"?- That they have some very dangerous players, such as, for example, Dario Silva. In addition, this team is very good at collective action. If we are going to play casually, it can bring us a lot of harm. If we do our job well, we will not make ourselves of the difficulties.- Which player would you highlight in the composition of their team and why? Dario Silva because of his aggressive style of play, tenacity and goal-scoring flair.- This is one of the most important games of the season, because to finish the year at the top of the standings psychologically very important, in addition, must win to start the new year also in a good mood.- It is clear TSA and few will dispute. The match will be very important for further psychological state.- What you personally have caused increasing attention in the last celebration of the Century?- Match. I think that we are very amused fans. Читать полностью -->

FIFA obliges Fulham to pay for Lyon marl

FIFA obliges Fulham to pay for Lyon marlFIFA officially warned London Fulham that, if the club within 30 days you name it, "Lyon" the entire due amount for the French striker Steve marl, waiting for his severe sanctions. The British threatened an embargo on all transfer operations. It is reported that currently the amount of debt is about $ 4 million.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Diouf will punish disregard for the audience

Diouf will punish disregard for the audienceUEFA on the basis of the video recording will punish the Senegalese striker Liverpool's El-Hadji Diouf for the fact that after the quarterfinal match of the UEFA Cup spat in the direction of the audience. Possible punishment is a fine or disqualification in the second leg.As has declared in interview to Agency Reuters, the representative of UEFA Romain Drove, now the governing body of European football awaits official report of the arbitrator to make a final decision."In spite of the provocation [someone from the audience tried to "gently" Pat Diouf on the head - Approx.ed.] he wasn't supposed to react this way," said the Liverpool coach Gerard Houllier.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Australians intend to organize a tournament of four

Australians intend to organize a tournament of fourAustralia plans to organize a tournament with participation of Australians and three teams out of the teams of England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales. The idea involving British teams will be discussed with the Association of Football of England next Saturday."We want the matches were played in London, which will contribute to a good attendance, as well as possible good deals with sponsors. Of course, all this is still at an early stage, but already is interest on the part of federations of these countries. From an economic point of view, this tournament will be cost-effective and for clubs who provide us with their stadiums," said the President of the football Federation of Australia Remo Nogarotto. Note that the tournament will be held in the last months of this year."I have no doubt that the England team is eager to take revenge against the Australians. And this tournament is very handy for this, of course, if they manage to win against our team," added Nogarotto.. Читать полностью -->

Smirnov can fill up the application form Spartacus

Smirnov can fill up the application form SpartacusAccording to the press attache of the capital club Alexey Zinin, leaders, torpedo-the Metallurgist" and "Spartak" have already agreed about Dmitri Aleksandrovich Smirnov, who trained the team throughout the offseason.. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

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