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Ukraine - Spain: match stats

Ukraine - Spain: match statsUkraine - Spain 2:2 Goal: Voronin, 11; Gorshkov, 89 Raoul, 82; Baraja, alraune: Shovkovskiy, Nesmachniy, Fedorov, Tymoshchuk, Dmytrulin, Breadwinners (Kalinichenko, 64), Husin, pots, Voronin, Sparrow, Shevchenko (Serebrennikov, 68) Spain Casillas, Salgado, Aranzabal, Marchena, Cesar Martin, Vicente Rodriguez (Diego Tristan, 76), Albelda (Valeron 66), Baraja, Echeverria, Raul, Guti (Xavi, 66)Warning: Husin, 9 - Baraja, 61; Martin Cesar, 72 Referee: Riley (England)on March 29. Kiev. "Olympic"". . . . Читать полностью -->

FIFA offers new penalty

FIFA offers new penaltyArsenal soccer referees in terms of punishment of the worst offenders on the field may soon be updated with another educational measure. FIFA had the idea to resort to temporary remove players from the field. Moreover, to impose such punishment by FIFA turned several national associations.This issue will be discussed on 15 March in Belfast at the meeting of the international Council of football associations, which is composed of representatives of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and FIFA.The representative of FIFA Andreas Herren said that the measure, if approved, will start to operate at the level of Junior and youth football. "It will be helpful for young players, he said. - However, the introduction of temporary removal from the field, difficult to apply at a higher level now. Moreover, this also requires the solution of several technical problems, such as the appointment of officials for timing time of punishment".. Читать полностью -->

Boot hit the pocket of the club

Boot hit the pocket of the clubThrowing mentor "Manchester United" sir Alex Ferguson's boots, which nearly knocked the eye David Beckham, literally costly eminent club. Its shares fell almost 2% to 117 pence. Capitalization "DOJ" declined to 273 million pounds. So nervously responded stock exchange on investor concerns about a possible withdrawal from team Beckham.According to John Williamson of the consulting company "Wolfe Г–hlins": "David - a fashionable and stylish person "Manchester". Without him the club will be different".The image of Beckham, the real trademark of United, which is estimated at 200 million pounds. He plays a great importance in the sale of branded products worldwide team, the most popular of which is a shirt with the number "7". Читать полностью -->

Readers Team appreciated the achievements of real Madrid

Readers Team appreciated the achievements of real MadridReaders of the famous French sports newspaper "l'equipe" during the traditional new year of the survey was recognized as the best sports team in 2002 world football team of real Madrid. In 4th place was the team of Russia on tennis, recently beaten the French in the Davis Cup final. Real Madrid scored the highest number of votes of the readers (20.5%), followed by Brazil's national team in football (19,9%), then - team racers Ferrari (18%) and the Russian national team on tennis (10.6 percent).Less than 10% of the votes of the readers of "l'equipe" scored (in descending order) the national team of Yugoslavia in basketball, English football team Arsenal FC, South Korea national team soccer, national team Canada hockey puck and the Brazil national team in volleyball.French newspaper in his football review notes the goal of Zinedine Zidane in the Champions League final, which, according to "l'equipe", "was decisive and will go down in soccer history as a truly legendary".In the same issue of the newspaper club President "real" Florentino Perez said in an interview that a century of "real" was good for him, bringing him three top football title. "We wanted to take everything," said Perez, "but, as history shows, it is not always possible to win all the battles, as it wanted to". Perez also said that since "real" is so popular in France in the near future on the Champs Elysees in Paris, will open its company store.. . Читать полностью -->

Torpedo-metallurg began his working career

Torpedo-metallurg began his working careerAt the stadium "torpedo" a name of Edward Streltsova open championship of Russia in the Premier League was held under the traditional flag-raising captains "torpedo - the Metallurgist" and "Spartak" Yury Kovtun and Sergei Shutikovym, the performance by the military band, together with a pleasant view of the drummers and dancers from Tocadisco support group. During the break recalled his football-pop star Chris kelmi. Usually the first matches of the Championships of Russia are a chaotic mess of ball in "mud baths". This time, think of the traditional "spring football", fortunately, was not necessary. Despite the fact that the weather was not the best part of the pitch was in quite reasonable condition, and the players showed enough quality game for this time of year. Both teams began to torment each other on a collision course almost immediately after the whistle. Читать полностью -->

The super bowl in 2003. Evaluation of the FE

The super bowl in 2003. Evaluation of the FELOKOMOTIVOSOSTAV to 8.0. The hero of the penalty shoot - reflected-four! In the main time rescued the team after dangerous shots from close range Kusov and Gusev.NIZHEGORODOV - 7,0. Had a match without mistakes.PASHININ is 6.5. 120 minutes was one penalty that led to the dangerous moment at gate "Loko".SENNIKOV to 6.0. Lost the aerial duel Popov when Jarosik scored.EVSEEV is 6.5. Читать полностью -->

FIFA has resolved the conflict of Wings with Arsenal

FIFA has resolved the conflict of Wings with ArsenalThe dispute between the "Wings of the Soviets" and Kiev "Arsenal" about the compensation, which the Ukrainian club refused to pay for transfers Alexey Osipov and Andris Jokesa. Samara side appealed to FIFA, which has adopted a decision requiring the Kiev "Arsenal" in a month to pay "Wings of the Soviets" for both players, the press service of the Samara team. The Kiev side insisted that they went to Arsenal, having the status of free agents, but the truth was on the side of our club. In a letter sent today from the Committee of the FIFA players ' status in the Russian Football Union and the football Federation of Ukraine, it is noted that in FIFA found no "improper relations" with the Russian club neither Arsenal nor to the actual players. . . Читать полностью -->

Gudjonsen is not going to leave Chelsea

Gudjonsen is not going to leave ChelseaChelsea forward, Eidur Gudjonsen reported that it expects to spend at least another two years in his current club (the player's contract expires in two years).Despite the fact that Newspapers persistently been linked to 22-year-old Icelander in "Manchester United" in the period of application, this transition, apparently, will not take place. Gudjonsen has postponed talks with Chelsea about extending the current contract until the end of the season, but reiterated that he is not going to leave the club. This season, Gudjonsen can not secure a place in the starting lineup, showing the sometimes wishy-washy game. It caused a lot of rumors about the imminent parting on loan from Chelsea. "My current contract expires in two years, and I don't think that will leave the team before," said Chelsea forward "Sometimes you get very upset when a few games in a row not getting in the starting lineup. Everyone wants to play as much as possible. Читать полностью -->

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