The Championship Of Italy. Milan barely took the legs from Atalanta

The Championship Of Italy. Milan barely took the legs from Atalanta1:0 Adriano, 26; 1:1 Scoponi, 29 0:1 Sommese, 13; 1:1 Pellise, 27; 1:2 Donati, 35; 2:2 Cossato, 57; 3:2 Dr Anna, 63 0:1 Maldini, 1 goal; 0:2 Rossini, 27; 0:3 Rossini, 29; 1:3 Inzaghi, 32; 2:3 Tomasson, 69; 3:3 Inzaghi, 78 1:0 ze Maria, 11 pins.; 1:1 Corradi, 15; 2:1 Grosso, 41; 2:2 Favalli, 85 0:1 Amoroso, 6 1:0 Bonazzoli, 3; 1:1 Pizzaro, 7 pan.; 2:1 Di Michele, 10; 2:2 Laquinta, 45; 3:2 Cozza 62 0:1 Di Natalie, 12; 1:1 Totti, 32; 2:1 Montella, 51; 3:1 Montella, 7022:30 Juventus - Inter. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Mark Overmars will miss because of an injury away match of the Champions League against inter

Mark Overmars will miss because of an injury away match of the Champions League against interOn Saturday Overmars tore a thigh muscle in the match of Spain vs real Betis (4:0). During most of the first half, the Dutchman was reeling from the effects of trauma and in the 42nd minute was replaced. Final opinion on the damage and the period of absence of Overmars will be known after the player passes the appropriate tests.Last week Barca beat inter at home - 3:0, and brought winning streak in the Champions League to eleven games. This result is almost guaranteed the Catalans ' place in the 1/4 finals. At the same time in the national championship game, "Barcelona" left much to be desired. However, replacing Louis van Gaal on Radomir Antic gives off two straight victories over Espanyol and Betis" has significantly improved the standings of the Spanish grandee.. Читать полностью -->

England chose a sparring partner

England chose a sparring partnerThe England team will take in a friendly match on June 3 at the stadium in Leicester the team of Serbia and Montenegro. This was reported today by the representatives of the football Federation of England.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Juventus could lose Camoranesi

Juventus could lose CamoranesiVerona and Juventus still can't agree on who will have the rights to Argentinian midfielder Mauro Camoranesi, recently debuted in the Italian national team. At the moment the player belongs to both clubs equally. Juventus have already signed a contract with Camoranesi. However, the boss "Verona" Giambattista Pastorello constantly reminds me that if the Old lady won't go for it, she will have serious problems.. . . Читать полностью -->

Fulham acts, Leopard looks

Fulham acts, Leopard looksEnglish "Fulham intending to acquire the midfielder Haiku Mendieta. Currently the Spaniard speaks out on loan for Barcelona, but Lazio wants to sell it to get "real" money. The Catalans, like the Romans experiencing is not the most pleasant from a financial point of view, a person is not willing to pay for the transfer, therefore, most likely Mendieta will return to Rome. Italian CM reported that English "Fulham" appealed to Lazio with a proposal to buy the rights to the player and has determined the time for negotiations to be held early next week.For the former player of Valencia cf team Roberto Mancini wants to get about 10 million pounds, but the London club owner Mohammed al-Fayed hopes to reduce the price - he's known issues "Lazio" and the Italians need to sell players.. . . Читать полностью -->

Luciano Moggi happy with my Juventus

Luciano Moggi happy with my JuventusThe General Director of Juventus Luciano Moggi said that he considered the right decision head coach Marcello Lippi to remain silent and not to talk to journalists."Now I with confidence can say that Pavel Nedved is the best midfielder in the world and has no equal. Juventus currently capable of much, the team has already proved it in a difficult match against inter. Of course, luck smiled to us. I hope that will also in the following matches," said modi.For the General Director of Juventus ' main rivals, anyway, are "inter" and "Milan"."You should never underestimate your rivals because you can run into unpleasant surprises. However, the match against inter proved that unpleasant defeat against Manchester United in the Champions League only a coincidence, the cause of which was the absence of many key players. I can't Express my admiration and also Marco Di VAIO. Читать полностью -->

The championship of France: postponed matches

The championship of France: postponed matchesLANCE - NANTES 0:Hal: Savino 63 (0:1)LILLE - MONTPELLIER 2:Holy: Landrin 59 (1:0), Sterjovski 79 (2:0)SOCHAUX - AJACCIO 1:Holy: Savelich 43 (1:0), Lacomb 63 (1:1). . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Saturn chose captain

Saturn chose captainIn season 2003 captain Ramensky "Saturn" will be Alexander Gorshkov, who was yesterday elected at the meeting of the Dutch team in Ermelo, the official website of the club. His assistants will be the goalkeeper Valery Chizhov and debutant "Saturn-REN TV" Milan Lesniak.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

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