The Belgian national team for the match against the Croats

The Belgian national team for the match against the CroatsGoalkeepers: Geert De Fliger (Willem II, Netherlands), Frank Vandendries (Julian)Defenders: Jos Walgren (Celtic, Scotland), Eric Deflandre (Olympique Lyon, France), Daniel van Buyten (Marseille, France), Peter van der heijden, Timmy Simons, Olivier De cock (club Brugge)Midfielders: Walter Baseggio (Anderlecht), Davy De Bol (Lokeren), Bernd Thijs (Genk), Gaetan Englebert (Bruges), Bart Goor (Hertha Berlin, Germany), Tom Soetaers (Sort Of, Holland), Jelle Van Damme (Ajax, Holland)Forwards: Emile Mpenza (Schalke 04, Germany), Thomas Buffel (Feyenoord, Holland), Sandy Martens (Club Brugge), Wesley Sonck (Genk), Cedric Roussel (Mons-Bergen). . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Sychev appeared on the cover of France Football

Sychev appeared on the cover of France FootballNext issue of the famous French weekly France Football published a photo of Dmitry Sychev on the cover, according to "Komsomolskaya Pravda". The subtitle reads: "a New youth Marseille. Russian miracle - Sychev - asked the game "Olympic" such a frantic pace that confront him can only Monaco. The article received the title "Sychev at full speed". In it the players just crumble in praise of the Russian striker, telling what a wonderful personality differs Dmitry. Coach of Olympique de Marseille Alain Perrin stated that he relied on football only next season, but he immediately proved himself worthy of a place in the first team. Читать полностью -->

Lokomotiv - Zenit. Match stats

Lokomotiv - Zenit. Match statsLokomotiv - Zenit 1:2 goals: Pimenov, 11 - Konoplev, 41; Kerzhakov, nokmote: Ovchinnikov, Pashinin, Evseev, Sennikov, Nizhegorodov, Ignashevich, Loskov, Izmailov, Maminov (Sirhaev, 70), Julio Cesar (Parkes, 58), Pimenovski: Contofalsky, Vjestica, Horak, Hovsepyan, Arshavin (Osipov, 80), Katulsky, hemp, Spivak, Shirl, Kerzhakov, Partypresident: Sennikov, 25; Loskov, 40; Maminov, 43; Julio Cesar, 45; Pimenov, 83 - Hartig, wedliny: Dmitry Sennikov, 82 (2 Egorov (Nizhni Novgorod)Moscow. The Stadium "Locomotive".. . . . Читать полностью -->

Saratov club has signed midfielder Vladislav Prudism and goalkeeper Alexander Pomazun

Saratov club has signed midfielder Vladislav Prudism and goalkeeper Alexander PomazunThe first is intended to replace the wing Belarusian Boltenkov who went to the Bulgarian CSKA. Pomazun is considered by management of the Millennium Falcon as a replacement for the Zakharchuk, which expired term of the lease. Practically settled the question of the return from Lipetsk striker Markevich. Negotiations for the purchase of "Rotor" defender albert Borzenkova, who two years ago played in Saratov. Also the "Falcon" has a new CEO ? Alexander Poimtsev. Spent negotiating with the two candidates for the role of title sponsor of the club. Читать полностью -->

UEFA Euro 2004. The problem is at all

UEFA Euro 2004. The problem is at allAnders Svensson will not be able to help the national team of Sweden in the qualifying game of Euro 2004 with the Hungarians. Midfielder "Southampton" has already missed 2 games in the Premier League because of an ankle injury. Svensson was included in the application of the Swedish team for the match in Bucharest on 2 April, but now it has become clear that to recover and get in shape by this date, the Swede will not succeed.The Estonia coach Arno Pijpers has serious problems with the squad before the friendly game with team Canada, which will be held on March 29, and the selection meeting with Bulgaria on 2 April. From the original list of pipers of 22 people in the ranks now only 14. The most notable loss of Estonians - captain Martin Reim and the left-back Erko Saviour.Most concern the Pipers delivers protection - the captain of the "Flora" Saviour is still recovering from an injury, and Sergei Khokhlov-Simson was recently operated on knee - the recovery will take at least a month. Читать полностью -->

Sergio Markarian is not likely to lead the national team of Uruguay

Sergio Markarian is not likely to lead the national team of UruguayThe head coach of the Greek Panathinaikos Uruguayan Sergio Markarian, most likely, will not accept the proposal of the football Federation of Uruguay to lead the national team of this country. The reason for this as stated Margaryan Tuesday, the substantial differences that exist in the team."To be honest, I would like to wait for other suggestions, because at the moment I would not like to head the national team of Uruguay," said Margaryan in a radio interview the Uruguayan capital Montevideo.Markarian explained his refusal by the fact that many media Uruguay, as well as fans of the national team of this country do not particularly favor him. According to Markarian, similar problems may face not only him, but any other coach."I want to assure all that it is because of this confusion in the camp of the national team, the coach is not content with sufficient support to benefit the team," said Markarian.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Ronald Koeman: This meeting is for Valencia is more important than for us

Ronald Koeman: This meeting is for Valencia is more important than for usIn anticipation of tomorrow's Champions League between Ajax and Valencia at the Amsterdam Arena, the head coach of the Dutch team Ronald Koeman gave an interview to the Spanish newspaper "Mark" that we present to Your attention.- What can You say about the match tomorrow against Valencia?- I think that this meeting is for "Valencia" is more important than for us, since we have one point more. Thus, if we manage to win, we will win a place in the quarter-finals. Valencia and Arsenal were originally among the favourites and so it is natural that they feel more pressure.- Can we say that the current success of "Ajax" is a surprise?- A little bit Yes. We don't have the class what "Valencia", especially in terms of experience of playing in the Champions League. Our team has only a couple a player who once had a chance to play in the Champions League. In this sense, we certainly surprised a lot of people.- What is the purpose of Ajax?- From the very beginning, we set a goal to show a good rivalry. Читать полностью -->

Tavria has acquired the former goalkeeper of the national team of Georgia

Tavria has acquired the former goalkeeper of the national team of GeorgiaFormer goalkeeper of the national team of Georgia 31-year-old nick Togonidze, in the current season playing for Batumi "Dinamo", from January 2003 will be playing for Tavriya Simferopol. This was stated by the head coach of "Tavria" Anatoly Zaev. In an interview with the Tbilisi sports newspaper "Olimpi" he said with Togonidze "Tavria" in the coming days will issue a contract for 1.5 years - until the end of 2004 According to him, "Tavria" is eyeing to play halfback "Milan" (the so-called team from the village Tsnori Lagodekhi district serving in the Georgian championship) 22-year-old George Karchava. Anatoly Zaev said "Karchava will be held together with Tavriya fees, after which a decision will be made - to take him on the team or not." In "Tavria" for two years now successfully performed Georgian forward Basil Gigiadze - he is the best scorer Koman dy.. . . Читать полностью -->

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