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Sergey Aleynikov: Play you should be able

Sergey Aleynikov: Play you should be ableMonday came from vacation and started preparing for the new championship is the most mysterious club in the current season in the Russian football League - "a torpedo-ZIL", which at the moment is the name of a completely arbitrary: any day will be announced new. The new owners ("Norilsk Nickel"), new management, new coach, the legend of Belarusian football and one of the best defensive Midfielders in the history of Soviet football Sergey Aleynikov.- Your appearance in Russia for all was a big surprise. And for you?- For me, too. The first time we were talking about it, even thought is not kidding me. But very quickly I realized that all seriously, and approach to business in the new club. So I'm thinking not take much time.- You are not embarrassed by the fact that the prospects of the team is still not very clear and even its name is still unknown?- I know the people involved in this club, their approach to business. For now it is enough.- Having remained in Italy after your football career, you have completed a coaching course and even has twice received the team's "D" series, but abandoned both after six months of work. Why?- So it appeared that the actual football managers of these clubs was not in the first place. The team lived one day and not particularly cared for the work in the future. I was interested in the latter because the fifth division of Italy was not the limit of my coaching dreams.- What have you been doing the last two years, after leaving the club "Pontedera"?- Worked in children's football school of Lecce, commented on the match Serie a, playing in this city.- How hard the coach is a foreigner to get in Italy?- I would not say that they experienced some difficulties in connection with their origin. The difficulty in another way: it's always difficult to get into the coaching circle new person - that in Italy, in Russia.- As you identify with - a Belarusian, Italian, Russian, Soviet?- Citizen of the world. More like this.- Your sons, one of whom was born in Italy, and another there, went to school, speak in what language?- Equally fluent in both Russian and Italian. At home we use only the first. Although written Russian written from Italian they understandably a bit behind.- The family moved to Moscow from Lecce with you? Not yet. The decision about my work in Moscow was taken in the shortest time possible, and as fast family from their homes, children out of school will not break.- Where are you taking your new team? What kind of football you like?- Over the last five years in Europe the biggest impression on me made a "Manchester United" the pores of his victory in the Champions League. Universalism, the synthesis of different football traditions, a reasonable combination of the pupils own school and guest stars, a combination of styles. In Italy recently with a special interest in the work of Del Neri in the "Chievo". This club favorably with Italian giants who did a lot of business and some are still not very clear to me things, but too little football. Whatever become the football business or show - it's still a game. To play you have to be able to love and feel like it that's all.- Who of the professionals with whom you worked - Malofeyev, Lobanovsky, Byshovets, Zoff, - has had the greatest influence on you?- Equally appreciate all your soccer experience, both positive and negative. In singling out one particular of these people do not see the point: everyone is great in their own way. Especially since no one, even the most successful coaching concept cannot be transferred without change to another club - usually it is too rooted in a particular situation depends on the specific team tasks and characteristics of the acquisition. Hurry to decide on this and that - the most urgent of our task today.To the extreme unexpected choice of trainers for the core team (Sergey Aleynikov) and double (Sergey Shavlo) new General Manager of club Yury BELOUS said "news" desire team "of people with fresh ideas and European mentality" (Aleinikov and Chawla after finishing his football career for a long time lived in Italy and Austria, respectively)."While we intend to maintain all the best on the team, that was until now, " said Bilous. Still mentors the main and reserve teams will also remain in our coaching staff. The same with players: we intend to maintain the leaders of last year's team and, in particular, D. A. Smirnov, allegedly signed a contract with Spartak. In our opinion, the FTC decision on the termination of his contract with our club was hasty. Yes, in his time at FC torpedo-ZIL were some financial problems, but they are already solved, and everyone who wanted to get the detained salary, got it. Smirnov just ignored this opportunity and went to the conflict, and the FTC does not understand the situation".Answering the question about the budget of the club for next season, Yury Belous has chosen a slightly convoluted, but meaningful wording: "In all likelihood, before the club will be tasked to fight for a place in the top six. We will try to ensure that the budget is adequate to this task".Dolezala ALEYNIKOV have godeschal for "Dinamo" in 1981-1989, Italian Juventus in 1989-1990, Italian club Lecce in 1990-1992, Japanese "Gamba Osaka" - 1993-1995, Swedish "Uddevalla" in 1996, the Italian "Corigliano" (series "D") in 1997-1998 champion of the USSR-82, Vice-champion of Europe-88, winner of the UEFA Cup 89/90, winner of the Coppa Italia 90.In the national team of the USSR/CIS had 77 matches and scored 6 goals.In the season 98/99 coached the Italian team "Anagni Fountain (series D), in the 2000/01 season - "Pontedera" (series "D")..

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