Gaiska Mendieta: I know that my leaving is very possible

Gaiska Mendieta: I know that my leaving is very possibleGaiska the Mendieta is 29 years old. Midfielder "Barcelona", after his stage in Lazio, feel very good in Barcelona, where, thanks to the Antic, he began to play on his favorite position, which allowed him two years in a row, becoming the best midfielder in the Champions League by UEFA. Congratulations. You turn 29 years at barça. Do you dare to say where you turn 30? - The only thing I know is that one year I'll be 30, but I don't know where I'll be. - Imagine that it depends on you. - If it was me, I would have continued in Barcelona. For many reasons. Because I like the club because I feel good here because I love this city and because my family has lived here very happily. But if Barca will not buy, we will enclose a pig. - It would be a kick for me. For me it would be a big blow to leave. - You say that as if it's already been decided- - I know there's a big possibility that I won't be here next year. I'm ready to make that 30 June will come to me and say that I did not know where. - This uncertainty is bad for your productivity? Are you depressed? - No, because when you play at you anything is not affected. You play also. Another thing, I don't know what I'll do, but it is clear to me that I should not worry. Until June nothing to decide. And continue to play with the same desire. - Would you take it easy, if your standing in the club draped from the Antic? I don't know. In any case, I think my position is more dependent on the economic side than sports. We can't forget that Barca have the option of paying a significant amount. In that case, if you will go, who will decide where you will play? - This issue should be addressed in Lazio and I, but he is so groundless that it not even worth talking about. I'll worry when the time comes for that. There is much unfinished business. I was only interested in "Barcelona". When Barca came antic you changed your position and improved its performance. You feel much more useful? - All players of the team are equally useful, but it is true that once the match is over and I'm going to shower, I feel more satisfied. I feel I am more involved in the game.- You turned from the best two years in a row midfielder in Europe in just one of the players the edge. - Just now I'm more involved in the game and get more passes. Now I think more than running. To run, not thinking, just pointless. And we must not forget that the prize for the best midfielder made a big impact on my team, which played the final two Champions League in a row. - They also say that you lack the mentality of a leader? Depends where they want me to play, and from what the coaches want me to. You cannot attack and defend for 90 minutes. - One year already 30. Is that bad? "No, I feel fine. I can give many examples of players that age that are in their best form..

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