Totti is not going to surrender

Totti is not going to surrenderFrancesco Totti in an interview with the newspaper "Corriere della Sport" said that he intends as soon as possible to restore its form:"the other day I took a survey in a special clinic where I was told that my chances of quickly come back pretty good. The main thing is to avoid undue stress while on your back, slowly infusing into the training process. However, I'm not used to wait and want as quickly as possible to recover their former condition. I will work up a sweat, but still will succeed!"."Regarding statements about my Sensi unimportant psychological condition, let me just say that this is not true. Of course, it's hard to lead a team if you're still recuperating and I feel pain after only 30 minutes of the game, but it talks in favor of the poor. I'm not used to complain, and the team needs me, so you just need to "concatenate" the teeth and to overcome yourself. Am I afraid to exacerbate the damage? No, I'm not. It seems to me that after all the setbacks that we have suffered, there has to come a streak of light, so, maybe naively, believe that this time the injury will avoid me"."In the Champions League, in principle, we still have chances to continue the struggle, we will try to use them. I think that even if this season ends for us on a sad note, we can restore our position in the next, provided that Capello will remain in Rome for a team will join a number of high-profile players."""Our newcomers? I really like Dacourt, his fighting spirit, the spirit to win. I believe that Sensi made the right choice, gained a Frenchman in the Eternal city. Marazzina? I think he will be a good help for our line of attack. Provided that now, unfortunately, not getting the game mentally and Delvechio, like me, injuries, experience and talent Massimo useful to the team."The recent statement by Cassano has made me happy. Well that guy have these goals, I also wanted to follow the route of the great captain of as Roma Giannini. As you know, I managed to surpass Josi: I brought wolves to winning the "scudetto"! Maybe Cassano will tell ever such words. After all, we still did not submit to the pinnacle called the Champions League!"..

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