Torpedo - Rostov. After the match

Torpedo - Rostov. After the matchIn the first game on the artificial turf of Luzhniki stadium, the home team met with the updated "Rostov". It seemed that the fourth team last season, which also didn't change in composition, had to win. But this did not agree Rostov, who offered to torpedo a good pace. The scoring was opened by the captain "Rostov" Maslov, who in his style closed head wing canopy of the ball. The home team managed to win only in the second half and a draw "torpedo" brought it "lifesaver" Semshov, who just swept the goalkeeper Bliznyuk meter strike from 12-13 years. Igor had another scoring chance but couldn't finish it.At a press conference after the match the head coach "Rostov" Sergey Balakhnin said extremely unhappy with the way his team played in the second half: "the Team clung to the gate and missed a goal, instead of catching the hosts on the counterattack. The team captain Maslov did the trick, but Kampamba failed to distinguish themselves in good scoring chances". And mentor "torpedo" Sergey Petrenko had a claim to the players: "we Played most part of the time expressionless, though he tried. On the background of a much more mobile guests, we just ran away in the second half. Especially insulting that completely fell out of the game a couple of forwards - Shirko and Lebedenko. As no active attacks how to win?"Author Tocadisco goals Igor Semshov: "to be Honest, particular satisfaction from the home draw we have, we should have taken the three points in front of their spectators. And, it seems that we tried, but, alas, did not really work. I sincerely regret that I did not use their second chance to score"..

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