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Lippi is silent, Cooper promises severe pressure

Lippi is silent, Cooper promises severe pressureToday at the "Stadio Delle Alpi" will see the best defence against the best attack of the championship of Italy, Juventus against inter and Milan four thousand fans. Lippi prefers to keep silent, even yesterday he stated that he will not come to the press conference, Cooper demonstrates his talent as a speaker."Now is the time to win this fight face to face," said the coach of "inter" Hector Cooper ahead of the match with Juventus at the Delle Alpi". Win only, alternative to a "nerrazzuri," according to the Argentine coach, can not be. Ahead of the match Cooper says everything, avoiding, however, talk about the team on a match with "the old lady"."When the team has some difficulties, they become more of a incentive to play even better. If we are not in his best form, then this does not affect my trust in the team, I still remain optimistic. The match is very important, and we must not forget the responsibility you take on. The fact that Juventus were defeated by Manchester United in the Champions League, is not an incentive, as the team can play badly in one game and then take it out on their opponents in the next match. And then we are not "Manchester United". We have a completely different style of play. And then I have great respect for Juventus is a great team that never makes a mistake twice. Victory in this match will be very important for us, as "Juventus" is our direct rival in the championship. The victory is important not only for three points, but purely in psychological terms. If we win it will be a very important result for us, if we lose, it will be a huge step backward," said Cooper.But how to beat Juventus? This question Cooper responds bluntly: "we Need to organize the most severe pressure and not give the opponent the opportunity to possess the ball. Against a team like Juventus possession of the ball must be at least 50%. It seems to me that the game will mainly take place in the center of the field, so who will keep control in this area, and will be the key to victory"."Alessandro Del Piero? Without him, the team mostly played using feed and backache, and together with Alex was more creative games. Lost Del Piero, Juventus have lost not only a great player, but the person who can lead by example on the field," concluded Cooper.According to the President of inter Massimo Moratti upcoming match will be like a semi-final match of the championship of Italy."""Juventus" - "inter" - is probably the semi-finals but not the finals. Who will lose, will lose mostly in psychological terms," said Moratti. A with Juventus defender Paolo Montero also believes that the upcoming match at Stadio Delle Alpi rather important in terms of moral."Vieri and Batistuta - this couple is really scary. These are two high-class footballer, the two winners of equal strength, and they really bring a little fear. Vieri because he is the best scorer of the championship of Italy and always scores and Batistuta, because he always scored. Sorry if Juventus that was released Vieri? Don't know, but who wouldn't want to have such a player like him. Sorry if Vieri leaving Juventus? Don't know either, although I do not think. The upcoming match is important, but not decisive, since the advantage of 3 points nothing else would mean for 11 matches before the end of the championship," said the player. Former forward of "inter" Brazilian Ronaldo, now playing for real Madrid, expressed the hope that "black and blue" will be able to achieve victory over Juventus."I hope that inter will win against Juventus," said the Brazilian player, despite his not too pleasant parting with the team of Hector Cooper."With Juventus I associated with unpleasant memories, as we lost two "scudetto". One of the terrible errors of the arbitrator and the other is their own fault. In my heart I remain interista", and therefore all matches against Milan special for me. In the upcoming Champions League match with AC Milan, I will try to do everything to score."As for "Milan", the "red-black" team will play a match against Atalanta BC during the day and evening, most likely, will be rooting for a draw in the match of their direct rivals in the fight for the title..

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