The General Secretary of the RFU for the reduction in the number of foreign players

The General Secretary of the RFU for the reduction in the number of foreign playersThe Secretary-General of the Russian football Union Vladimir Radionov considers necessary to reduce the number of foreign players in the Russian football Premier League."At the request of the Russian clubs for the season of 2003 claimed 180 legionaries, - said the Secretary General of the RFU. Is almost 18 full-fledged compositions. This situation is not good for Russian football, exacerbating the problem of absence of their top players".According to Radionova, to improve the quality of Russian football should follow the English way, when clubs are invited only those legionaries who had spent more than 75% of matches for their national teams.In addition, the General Secretary of the RFU and led another sad statistic, according to which 1 thousand players in Russia, has only three fields. "Driving European countries - Holland, France - I envy the fact that in these countries, many times inferior to Russia in size, there are huge soccer complexes with several great fields," said Rodionov. - In our situation, when unfavorable economic environment that seems fantastic, but start to raise the Russian football need with the promotion and popularization of this sport".However, Radionov stressed that the issue of foreign players in domestic football it is impossible to solve in the coming years. To close it you need to do understanding with the parties and representatives of the Russian football organizations, and leadership clubs..

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