Vladimir Beschastnyh: Yugoslavs warn - Albania very strong

Vladimir Beschastnyh: Yugoslavs warn - Albania very strongVolgograd match with Albania's top scorer of the Russian team watched from the bench. Will he play in Shkodra is unknown. But in any case the striker, now playing for Turkish club Fenerbahce, is on alert. Let his case in the new club are not the best way.- Tired of waiting we heard about the first hammered the ball into the composition of the Istanbul club. What are the barriers to access "Turkish" facial and a half months? - since this issue began a conversation with Vladimir Beschastnyh.- I myself, as you know, I really want to score. I try, but as they say, is not.- In fenerbahçe, you are a forward position, isn't it?- You are absolutely right. In General, our team plays with two strikers. Initially found to have acted together with Rebrov, but once recovered, Serhat, in the attack he moved. And Rebrov began to operate in the attacking midfielder position...- ...where previously addressed by the Manager of the Argentine national team Ortega. Why the South American left the club?- Glad I could answer your question, but I can't because I can't understand the Turkish language. Of course, in Istanbul, this is very much a saying, but what we don't know. But the fact remains: Ortega with fenerbahçe really gone.- And what is the situation in the team after a poor performance in recent matches?- Quite tense. In the penultimate round, we drew on the road with "Elazigspor" with the score 3:3, and then we alternately talked and the President and Vice - President and head coach. Then, last Saturday, Fenerbahce and lost at home "Altai". In General, the situation is pretty tough. Dissatisfied with us all, including the fans.- About fight for the title, apparently, speech can't be?- Thinking about it in Fenerbahce said goodbye a long time ago. Now the team is in fourth place, and even third lags pretty decent. I think our main task - to try somehow to develop the game. Will be able to do - come and goals, and points. Then you can look at the table and solve serious problems.- That is, failure is not a coincidence but a consequence of unimpressive games.- Sorry, we failed hold the matches away from home. Usually, the contestants are not locked in his own penalty, relying on counterattacks, - on the contrary, take the game on a collision course and are creating a lot of chances. Well, rusty helps.- How's Rebrov?- About the same as me. The only difference is that he scored one goal, and I'm still single. We can say that Rebrov is also experiencing a phase of adaptation.- Not delayed if, in your opinion, this is the stage adaptation? Possible. However it is necessary to make allowance for the specifics of Turkey. Local football is not the same as in Western Europe. Under him, that is, you need to adjust.- The level of Turkish above the Russian championship?- It is very difficult to judge. Of course, the highest level, but to compare it with ours, I would not. These are two completely different League. For example, if in athleticism overall superiority on the side of the Turkish players, tactics of the Russian team are not inferior, at least. You may recall the recent friendly match "Wings of the Soviets" with "Galatasaray", which samarians won with the score 3:1.- In what part of the Istanbul - European or Asian - you live in?- In Asian. The Turks it is considered more beautiful and peaceful. But I came from Moscow and to a quiet life not used. That's why I prefer European section with its variety of modern buildings. But in General, Istanbul is a very nice city, which, by the way, many Russians live.- How do you spend your free time?- And we have very little. For a long time stuck on the base.- As in Russia?- Almost. Except for the pre-match gathering't call two days before the game, but for one. On ordinary days, if training, for example, at five in the evening, to the base need to come to the first half. Lunch, rest, and then on the field. Base fenerbahçe modern, so in everyday terms there are no problems.- The apartment takes you to the club?" We with the club in half. Not only an apartment but a house. Live, the four of us: my wife and two dogs. We bought back in Santander, and then took them with him to Moscow.- The dogs had settled in a new place?- First lot for them was unusual. It seemed that their bogey all that was happening around. Now accustomed to. However, worry how they will survive the summer. It is in Turkey, they say, very hot.- It is inherent in the Turks an increased focus on used football?- There, if you go outside, even briefly, you would surely learn. Not only learn, but make sure you come up and strike up a conversation. People did not stop even then, I don't know the language.- What is usually asked?- About anything. Can easily ask: why so bad? We have a similar question was considered to be indelicate, but in Turkey it is in order.- What country borders Iraq, on life not affected?- In Istanbul - no.

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