Italy. Como was awarded the defeat

Italy. Como was awarded the defeatRioting fans during the championship game of Serie a between "Como" and "Udinese" led to the scandal of the Italian championship. Recall that this game is after the floods have already been once postponed.The cause of the riot of fans became the third spot designated by the referee Saccani against the hosts, as well as the removal of a player, "Como" Fabio Pecci. Beats Roberto Muzzi and Vincenzo Iaquinta with a "point" had no results, but when Saccani for the third time appointed 11-metre and Chilean footballer Udinese Marcelo Pizarro tried to carry it out, dissatisfied with the audience broke through the fence and rushed on the field, wanting to take revenge on the referee for unfair, in their opinion, the refereeing. Who knows what would have ended the massacre, if the players and referee urgently has not left the football pitch.The President of the club "Como" Enzo Preziosi had tried to stop the riots and urged fans to prudence. After 15 minutes his efforts seemed hopeless, and the team again appeared on the field. Angry fans, it seemed, were waiting for it and started the second "storm" of green lawn. The referee of the match, realizing that life is more than football, in the 67th minute when the score was 0:1 was finally interrupted the game and quickly disappeared in the catacombs of the stadium.Violence in the Italian championship this season markedly increased. Two weeks ago fans were attacked by the player series B Francesco Baldini, when he was riding in his car, a month ago, the goalkeeper of club of the second League Manitta unconscious was sent to the hospital after one of the flying objects from the stands hit him in the head. The players themselves have responded to fights of fans in their own way, and on 9 December all the games of the Italian championship began with a 15-minute delay.As for the match, "Como" - "Udinese", the leaders of the Italian Federation decided to punish Como lesion with a very strange score 0:2 and chetyrehmatchevaya disqualification of the team's stadium..

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