Bernd Stange: Iraq is a great football nation

Bernd Stange: Iraq is a great football nationAmong peace-loving Germans, there is one special person for whom the war in Iraq will result in personal drama. Bernd Stange, head coach of the national team of Iraq in football, dreamed that his team won the world championship in Germany in 2006. However, now all the Iraqi players were drafted into the army."Iraq is a great football nation, " he told the Post in an interview with the French newspaper Liberation. - In world tables of ranks the team is on the 50th place, and she needs to climb just a few stairs in Asian qualifying matches to make the finals of the championship. I just crazy this world politics. She mixed all the cards. If the rules here were as simple as in football". 54-year-old German specialist, who was the last head coach of the national team of East Germany (GDR), has signed a contract with the football Federation of Iraq (which President is the son of Saddam Hussein, Uday) last year. The year before the Rod was dismissed from his post as head coach of the national team of Oman for poor results. After receiving an invitation from Baghdad, the Post asked for advice in FIFA and in the German foreign office. When he announced his consent, it almost became the occasion for an international scandal. Some observers have even held that the departure Bar in Iraq has considerably complicated the already strained relationship between Germany and the USA. "Before you decide, I doubted nine months - is justified by the Rod. - I remained without work, and the first six weeks was happy that finally he was by himself. But then it brings the actors. A small, clean town. Trimmed grass of the front lawn. Roses in the garden. The sun is shining. And you say to yourself, "Well that's all the more in this life to do nothing". German tabloid press all last year did not forget about the once glorified coach. It was called "football coach Hussein", "Baghdad Valet cufflinks on the cuffs, dipped in blood", recalled that in his youth the Rod was an informant legendary secret service of the GDR, the Stasi. "Football is football," says Rod, " and he is out of politics. I worked with the Communist regimes, with the capitalists, with the Sultanate, and now with the dictator. But my work is always the same. It is how to help the boys to get the ball into the goal. And Iraqis are very capable players. They are all small Sidani, talented in technology. They love the ball. However, while they knew nothing about modern tactics, because they have long been isolated from all over the world. Furthermore, they are not very well prepared physically too thin. But I will repeat them in order. I showed them pictures of Oliver Kahn and Zidane were filmed in clinging sweaty t-shirts, and said, "I Think those biceps from a good French cheese? No, it is the result of training. You need to work more". The contract signed Rod with Iraq, was designed for four years. It stipulated that the coach may terminate the contract unilaterally, if there is a risk of war. A month ago the Rod gathered his things and went to the Baghdad Embassy, which helped him to return home. Before you Board the plane, the coach sent his players a letter in which he wrote: "I pray to God that he helped you and your families". Now the Rod continues to correspond with the wards, which polls mobilized in the Iraqi army. "They are still working according to my plan," said the German coach. I have it all figured out - the classroom, lunch time. And every day they called me and said, "Bernd, when are you coming? We miss you!". Help Bernd Stange began his coaching career very early - at the age of 24, in the early 70-ies, after the injury, which deprived him of the opportunity to play football. In 1980, the year of the youth national team of the GDR under him became second in the championship. From 1983 to 1988 he held the post of head coach of East Germany. Then moved on to a club activity, returning to the team where he started his career. With him the club "Carl Zeiss" was released in the big leagues, and in the 1988-1989 season he won a silver medal in the championship. From 1990 to 1994 Rod worked in "Hertha" and "Leipzig", then was invited to coach at the Ukrainian "Dnipro". And once again, his team became Vice-champion. A little later, the coach received the title of special envoy of the German Football Federation in the CIS countries.

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