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Dmitry Smirnov signed a five-year contract with Spartak

Dmitry Smirnov signed a five-year contract with SpartakYesterday, the midfielder of FC torpedo-ZIL", the best scorer of the team last season Dmitry Smirnov signed a five-year contract with Spartak. FTC acknowledged the player's contract with zilovskoye club void, and tomorrow Smirnov will travel with his new team in Sochi. Spartak won the argument for the football player of "Dynamo", "torpedo" and "Wings of the Soviets".In addition, the "SE" became known list of players of "Spartak", which tomorrow should go to the first training camp in Sochi. This goalie - Levitsky, Agapov, Alekseev (or Zuev); defenders - moisГ©s, Kebe, Abramides, Mitreski, Kovtun, Khlestov, Akhmedov, Sheshukov, Salkic, Danilenko, Lozhkin, Riflemen, Popov; Midfielders - Kalinichenko, Kudryashov, Smirnov, ruby, Pavlenko, rootless, Likhtarovich, Shigero, Torbinsky, Rebko, Nemov, Trample, Samedov; forwards - daniszewski, Sonin, Pavlyuchenko, Endnote, Pogrebnyak, Migurski, Golovko.The list is not final, it may change on Friday, when the team will come back from vacation and will hold a meeting. It is not excluded that some newcomers will come to the view directly in Sochi. It is known that there will not fly captain red-white Titov and his Deputy Parfenov, received last season from a serious injury. Soon both will go for a medical in Germany and will join the team at the January training camp in Turkey. In the list of Africans Flo, Ogunsanya and Tchoice who are looking for new clubs. Not in "Spartak" and Cherkasova, which is not proposed to extend expiring at the end of December the contract.At the moment it is unknown whether there is enough time time to fly to Moscow from Brazil and Senegal moisГ©s and Kebe. The situation remains unclear with Beschastnyh. In addition, tentative stay in one of the club coaches - Victor Samokhin. The third collection of "Spartacus", according to the "SE" will be held in February in the UAE..

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