The Championship Of Russia. Legion-2003: $30000000

The Championship Of Russia. Legion-2003: $30000000This influx of foreign players from abroad, as in the past offseason, the Russian championship is not yet known. Today, the day before the end of the bidding campaign, contracts with Premier League clubs have signed 50 "new" foreigners. Many of them football players at a really high level. And, apparently, for the first time the Legionnaires will play a decisive role in many of our teams, and hence in the entire League. According to the "SE" in the offseason Russian clubs spent on the purchase of newcomers from abroad of about $ 30 million.Russian Superleague is similar to Italian or English. No, as we still have far. But in such aspects as the number and geography of foreign players, our leadership has already hardly inferior.The current season was characterized by an unprecedented influx of players from abroad. Glad that the new contingent, judging by the track record lists, as well as reviews and first impressions of experts, promises to be qualified. To the beloved of Lecceto, Right, Koromaru, Kebe and added some other interesting squad of Brazilians: samarians Souza and Leyton, Kazan Roni, Moscow Dynamo Alberto, Da Silva from "Saturn". In Moscow suburbs will settle Peruvian Hidalgo, in Tatarstan - Czech Nowotny and Peter Czech community is already so impressive that fans of "Zenith" it's time to learn the chants with a call "to-go".Last season, journalists joked that "Spartak" is able to enter the game without a single Russian in composition. Today for some clubs this is not speculative, but a very real situation. In some teams, "Saturn", "Dynamo" and "Zenith", "ruby", "Chernomorets" - only beginners can polsostava blind. And the first two of these really are at risk of becoming the Russian version of "Chelsea" - with the only homegrown player, and even without it, in the composition.Of special note is the "Rotor". It's like athletic club (Bilbao), in which essentially only play the Basques. Our team of foreigners, representing foreign countries, in the main part, apparently, will go rahimić and Jarosik, whose qualifications are not in doubt. Approximately equal proportions of "us" and "them" keeps "the locomotive". That would have, obviously, the chief coach Valery Gazzaev be based mainly on the two best players in the last championship clubs.The mixing of blood, in principle, useful in football - including. England, thanks to the cocktail got rid of the excessive simplicity, and something no one mourns about the loss of identity. Besides, if the Legionnaires will help our clubs to finally dignity to play in European cups, one to remember will be, what passport they have.Transfer*Gracenewcanaan,7 million Jiri Eroticfantasyart Czechia,5 million Southpasadena.Svetovalec Mineiro Brasilia,2 million Albertoapasionado Brasilia,0 million Moninpelitoimintaa Brasilia,0 million Paul Maristasfutsal.iespa Czech Republic* - the transaction Amount in US dollars according to the "SE"Alexander GLEAMS.

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