Raul and Redondo called fools

Raul and Redondo called foolsThe Director General of the immigration Department of Madrid Thomas Faith described Milan and real Madrid Fernando Redondo and Raul as "fools". Such unflattering to review both of these players have been rewarded for the fact that, according to the Faith, reacted quite tolerable to one of the representatives of the radical fascist-racist organization "UltraSurf". Faith was referring to the moment when one of the leaders of this organization Jose Luis Ochaita together with a group of his minions were awarded the medal of Redondo. As for Raul, he was seen in the number of accompanying persons Ochita."Redondo is a great and unique player. However, he allowed himself to accept a medal from the criminal, racist, xenophobic nature, from a person who by their actions strongly offends his countrymen. Therefore, Redondo acted like a real fool. I also want to call a fool and Raul, who was with this person," said Faith.Vero, however, acknowledged that it was not correct to say the two players of their offense. But he justifies his action by the fact that such behavior of the players can not cause public outcry. This attitude, according to Faith, is a kind of support for "UltraSurf"..

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