Ivan Helguera: Since childhood I dreamed about the great clubs and big wins

Ivan Helguera: Since childhood I dreamed about the great clubs and big winsSpain defender and real Madrid Ivan Helguera is one of the key players of his club. Ivan is one of those players who are called universals. He can play as a midfielder and in the role of defender.Today, the "real" is hard to imagine without Algeri and it seems that he has for many years advocated a "creamy". But the player and only the fifth of the season for Madrid.Today's match of the round of the Spanish League against FC Barcelona b will be Algeri anniversary - 150th. That is how many times he played in the Spanish League. Spanish "Marca", of course, could not remain indifferent to this event and interviewed the player.- Figure 150 tells You about something?- It is very important to me. When you think that 30 times out on the field in the national team, 150 times in the Spanish League, played at the highest level for the past 5 years...this is all very important to me.- If You haven't played Calcio, when he signed a contract with the Italian "Roma", then Your account could already be 200 matches... I don't regret my experience of Calcio. I really won in functional terms. In addition, I have gained the experience of playing in the defensive actions that really helps me now.- Your career goes as well as You had planned? We can say that Yes. Since childhood I dreamed about the great clubs, great victories. And what I adore the most is the fact that play for the best team in the world.- Could there come a day when You get tired and lose motivation?- No way. It is impossible that someone lost motivation in the "Real world". Of course, there are days when I feel tired, but about the loss of motivation can not be and speeches. - What do You think, is assessed whether Your game is in the team?- Yes, I feel that I adequately appreciated. Anyway, I can say that about my immediate environment.- Was it difficult to reach 150?- Yes, of course. All my life I had to overcome the difficulties and prove its relevance.- Which game out of these 150 has been the most memorable?- There were many, but perhaps a goal scored in the Champions League game against Bayern Munich stands alone. The Germans before the game allowed a lot of waste, and tensed the situation to the limit. This goal brought me great satisfaction.- What do You think, are You able to reach the number 500 as a Sanchis, Soler, or Hierro?- God Forbid. But it is very difficult. Players like Manolo and Fernando are very few. It's the players superclass and believe, they are not commended, as they have won all that is possible, speaking at the highest level..

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