Serhiy Rebrov: When the fans carried me in her arms, I realized that coming here was worth it

Serhiy Rebrov: When the fans carried me in her arms, I realized that coming here was worth it- How do you live in Turkey after England?- All great! Frankly, I did not expect that Fenerbahce everything is organized at such a high level. Happy incredibly friendly atmosphere, especially among fans. It turned out that football is the number one thing in the life of every Turk. Now here unprecedented football boom after successful for the Turkish national team world championship, and every resident of Istanbul is a fan of any club.- For you some familiarity with Turkish fans began immediately upon arrival in Istanbul, when the fans picked up at the airport and were carried to the car.- Yeah, I was just so shocked at the reception. Although there is, apparently, all so welcome. That is to say, a footballer such attention even more boosts and stimulates. When I was going through the minutes of such meeting, my head spun with the thought that I still came here. But options for continuing a career you've had not much of either Fenerbahce or London Fulham-- In principle, I had interest from several clubs from Germany, Spain and England. But now, when Europe's financial crisis, everyone is trying to look for free agents. Tottenham wanted to get some money for me. So when interested in me club offered a price of, say, three million dollars, almost all refused.- But with Fulham your former club seems to be agreed. Why couldn't you stay in London?" Indeed, were settled all the financial details, and I even managed to pass a medical examination at Fulham. But then I had a conversation with the coach is very respected by me Jean Tegan. He said he would very much like to work with me, but do not know what will happen with Fulham after six months, and therefore can't promise anything. It seemed to me inexpedient to play with the vague prospect for next season. Besides doing it almost for free because of finances, too, was not all right. Conditions Fenerbahce were preferable, and overall the team looks very seriously, striving to become a champion, will play in European competition.- What overall impression of Turkish football? If you compare it with the English League, primarily in Turkey is much more busy with the ball. And the game is tougher. Not counting the 4-5 leading clubs, all other teams play exclusively "to the bone". The defenders cannot see the ball and hit him in the leg to stop the attack. Such a confrontation, of course, can be fraught, but you have to get used to.- How difficult was it in "Tottenham when the club is not very much in a hurry to sell? There were reports about your depression and that even the wife doesn't know how to you to get off the ground-- about depression - it's not real journalists. Do you think that the wife with me couldn't get along? I personally can't imagine. I had no sense of impending doom at the time, as I sat on the bench for Tottenham and waited. I knew that sooner or later the club with me should leave. And indeed the whole episode was treated in a philosophical way: everyone in life are black and white stripes. Then was black.- Nevertheless, we can say that two and a half years spent in "Tottenham have thrown you to the wind?- You! Of course, no. First year and a half everything was fine. And then everything was fine: excellent relations with partners and coaches. The only problem was that not played since Glenn Hoddle didn't see me in their system.- Soon the national team of Ukraine will play the next match of the qualifying tournament of the European championship with the Spanish. How do you see the chances of his team in the match against group favourites?- Given that we're playing at home, the chances are very good. And why should we be afraid of the Spaniards? Yes, this is a very strong team. Yes, they have some stars in the squad. But we are also not shy. Also realize that the outcome of the match will largely depend on our future position in the group..

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