Andriy Shevchenko: I will Fly to Madrid on holiday

Andriy Shevchenko: I will Fly to Madrid on holidayAC Milan became the first member of League Champions have secured their place in the quarter-finals. All four matches of the second group stage Rosso-Neri" won with the score 1:0. Modestly, but with taste, considering the quality of the game, demonstrated one of the favorites of the tournament.Start, as you remember, put in the meeting with real Madrid at San Siro accurate shot Andriy Shevchenko. Alas, our countryman was denied the opportunity to fully share the joy of their partners, who beat Lokomotiv in his field. Sheva left Milan to complete a course of recovery after injury in the match with Lazio.- Five minutes before the end of the match I tore a muscle in the back of the thigh, - said Andrey. - In General, nothing serious, but three had to miss the match. Including both matches against Lokomotiv. Sorry, I really wanted to play in Moscow, but doctors recommended to refrain from trips.- When we'll be able to see you on the field?- Since Friday I work in the General group and expect to play Atalanta BC in Sunday's match Serie a - AC Milan secured a berth in the knockout stage of the Champions League. However, it is unlikely the remaining two matches with real Madrid and Borussia - turn into a formality.- Of course. Unless such rivals can be played in half a leg? Moreover, in Madrid, and at San Siro, I am sure, will be filled to the rostrum. People will come on a football feast, and we shall not disappoint their expectations. Yes, we made it to the next round. But our task is to win in front of AC Milan, not only in every tournament, but in each meeting.- Probably against real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu," you are preparing to play with a special mood. Not only because it was scored at the stadium of Royal club in the composition of the Kiev "Dynamo". And not just because it is your ball helped Milan to victory over real Madrid in November. And also because the "real" interest in you again. Your Vice-President Adriano Galliani even money called, in which you appreciated, - 84 million dollars.- But Galliani announced and information about what to sell me not going. This is the position of the guide, as I have made on several occasions, responding to all the rumors and speculations about it.- Maybe you're partly to blame for the fact that around your person is spinning so much false information? With the press in recent times communicate infrequently.- Yeah just saw: more affordable than trying to be the more you the same harm and turns around. Recently, here, one Moscow publishing an interview with me published. I have to promise to communicate to those reporters who don't know, but here went to meet because the reporter came to Milan, and I try to respect the other party's costs - the nervous, physical and material. Alas, with reciprocal respect face not always.The conversation time is never slender, sometimes some words doesn't mean much. But some reporters forget that we are talking one on one, and what they write becomes the property of hundreds of thousands of people. There is a slight difference in the responsibility, right? Any little thing intonation or context get a completely different weight, not to mention the misrepresentation or outright inventions... in short, I regret the spent on the talk time and its journalist. Well, I will be a lesson.- In the program nearest round of Serie A has a match between Juventus and inter. Sunday face to face get together the main competitors of "Milan" in the fight for the scudetto. Don't dare to make a prediction for this fight?- Both clubs, to put it mildly, not entirely successfully spent the last Champions League matches: two to three defeats in four games, one goal. Need to "repent their sins" in front of the fans. So the battle will be still the same! To talk about what it end we are more satisfied with, I think, not serious. Milan needs to solve their problems, relying on our own strength..

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