5 candidates for the title of best goalkeeper

5 candidates for the title of best goalkeeperDomestic goalie shop consistently produces high quality products - two opinions on this matter can not be. Heirs Khomich, Yashin, Dasaev with each new season only claim in the opinion that our school continues to be one of the most reputable on the planet, and therefore, without fear of contradiction, we can predict: the upcoming championship her reputation will not break.Where such confidence? Yes to look at the most recent super Cup match, the characters of which were Ovchinnikov and] - two best goalkeepers today Russian clubs and the national team. Both, no doubt, and in the starting days of the championship will set the tone, because the fundamentals of the chosen craft know by heart. First and foremost this applies to the guard gate champion, and older colleagues for 11 years, and more experienced.Style of play Ovchinnikova, agree, not very conspicuous. Acrobatic jumps "to the audience," he resent. Rationalism and rationalism - that is what the desired result is achieved. Sometimes it even seems that the Boss is hypnotic beating, like a boa constrictor rabbit, and last, without resistance, sending the ball in his hands . But the impression is deceptive: the excellent sense of position - this and only this is the reason for the submission of scorers.But as the ball is on the outs! At such moments your not your - on the road stay: swept away, but the prey would. Ovchinnikov-owner in the penalty area. And, tellingly, resigned his dictatorship as partners on defense, which, while at times sharp in tone, but the timely option is insurance against errors, and rivals, reflective: to beat the opponent in gloves on the "second floor" it does not Shine.Yes and in the "frame" undisputed leader "Loco" works reliably, good excellent response allows. And the lack of speed not only on the balls sent on horseback, but on creeping beats that for most goalies growth Ovchinnikov - the problem of problems.Close to perfect, word, game qualities "honorary railwayman". And therefore deserves greater attention. But the] professionalism is not deprived of: without any doubt, talented. Plus young: 21 is not the age for a player in his role. Hence the prospects of the army. Retain super Cup mood, temper, will not roam nerves that is characteristic of youth, - this season will declare itself in full voice. Will reduce the demands, will lose confidence - will stop the development.The Dynamo Berezovsky, who moved to Novorossiysk Levitsky and Chizhov from situated near Moscow "Saturn" growing pains unlikely to get all three goalkeepers established. They would have more stability, mutual understanding with the defenders, Ovchinnikovskaya authority... in Other words, the psychological components of success. And as for the ability to tame the balls, each not less than the railroader with CSKA. School-all the same graduated.Sergei OVCHINNIKOV Locomotiv.11.1970 Height - 185 cm, weight - 93 Khlebny favorite for the title of best goalkeeper of the season. The level of skill and experience he has no equal in our League. Brilliant game Ovchinnikov has already allowed Lokomotiv to win the first trophy this year - the super bowl. The goalkeeper of railwaymen is also a contender for the title of best player of the season.Valery CHIZHOV Saturn.04.1975 Height - 185 cm, weight - 81 cgsa recently markedly increased in skill, becoming one of our best goalies. For the past few seasons have shown a steady game without externalities, but extremely reliable. This year made his debut in the Russian national team.Benjamin] CSKA.08.1981 Height - 185 cm weight - 84 Khosla care Nigmatullina, CSKA coach Valery Gazzayev did not look for a replacement on the side, and entrusted the number one position his young goalie who is already involved in the national team. A] has an excellent response and well-directs defense. Had a great match at the super bowl, showing high potential.Roman BEREZOVSKY Dinamo.08.1974 height 188 cm, weight - 78 chagga Dynamo goalkeeper plays with a mindset to score him extremely difficult. Berezovsky extremely bouncy, confident playing on outputs and good in melee. In test matches offseason showed a confident game, thanks to which the gate is white-blue have often remained dry.Maxim LEVITSKY Chernomorets.11.1972 Height - 190 cm weight - 74 chego transfer from Moscow to Novorossiysk became one of the most high-profile transfers of the offseason. Chornomorets Levitsky will certainly try to prove that his early to write off from the accounts in "Spartacus", and return to the level of play he showed in 1999 - 2001.Yuri IVANOV.

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