The management of Manchester has denied the rumors about the agreement with Ericsson

The management of Manchester has denied the rumors about the agreement with EricssonExecutive Director of "Manchester United" Peter Kenyon has denied rumors that the club has come to terms with mainly England Manager Sven Goran Eriksson. By the way, the rumors about it circulated by none other than current head coach sir Alex Ferguson in an interview to the English newspaper "The Times". However, Kenyon said that the club is not going to refuse the services of Ferguson."We never made suggestions Eriksson. We just interviewed several possible candidates for the post of coach of the team, if Ferguson decides to leave. But that was long ago, after that we never had any such issues, as we always were confident that Alex will remain. It is assumed that Ferguson interview "The Times" was made before the match against Arsenal. In it, he specifically said: "I think they already made a deal. I don't know exactly, but I think that it is Eriksson. However, no documents signed could not be, as Eriksson is still the coach of the national team of England.Later, Ferguson said: "It was my personal opinion. I had no idea to whom they are addressed. I just personally think Eriksson is the best candidate, so that's what I said. I think they were looking for a coach who profess a different style of work than I do. Since 1986 I am a coach "Manchester United", that's a long time. I think the club needs a change, therefore, very natural that they began the search for a new coach."".

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