Alexey Smertin: It's time to delve into the meaning of life

Alexey Smertin: It's time to delve into the meaning of life- How is your "Bordeaux"?- In the last two games we drew. Here are just produced these draws were different. In the first case, we finished the match, with nine men, losing 0:1. Us in addition to the penalty spot was beaten, but not scored. But our Darcheville on the last minute of the match penalty implemented. I think that such an outcome can safely assume happy. But in a home game against Nantes" we failed to score, as, however, and the opponent. Victory, of course, great help in the fight for the championship, but the defense of "Nantes" make mistakes.- Do you still believe that Bordeaux can win the title?- We are in the group of teams that can do it. We need to believe in victory, otherwise why go on the field?- FC Girondins de Bordeaux advanced to the semifinals of one of the two cups, passing in France.- Yes, we have one more step to the finals, but this step will be very difficult. Last year in the semi-final managed to beat PSG in his field. See with whom and in what field will have to play now. If you come across Paris in Paris, it will be a real battle.- After a trip to Bordeaux, I was under the impression that Smartino live too comfortable all around glorify, coach almost approves the composition of the game, club doctor right comes home. Do you think that it is too "sweet" - maybe a shake-up is needed? And then you quietly and motivation will disappear and with it the loss and problems with the team may occur.- The problem with the team can occur only if the coaching staff deems me unworthy of the call to the national team. From my side no slack against the Russian team will not. To play for the national team of his country - the highest honor for an athlete. Get a huge surge of positive emotions when the club comes calling on me. What is there to speak about coming to the team!And what about my club Affairs you are right. Indeed there is a danger of losing some incentive. But the point is not that all around treat me too well and this could lead to the star disease. It does not threaten me. The problem, perhaps, is that we all too calmly. In other words, we know - again if don't win the championship, we will not be. If "inter" in Italy or "real" in Spain don't win the title, that was a tragedy and for the players themselves and their fans with all the ensuing consequences in the form of criticism from the press and activity clubs in the transfer market. In our case, the lack of shared victory is perceived without strain. This is dangerous for the psychology of the player. I wish to win something serious, or at least to feel the smell of real hunting. That's why I was willing to accept the proposal of Newcastle, which was received in Bordeaux last winter.- Today, many people think you are almost a model for the Russian football players who are going abroad. Meanwhile, in the first season in Bordeaux and you had a lot of problems, and the relationship with the coach were far from ideal.- It was hard at first, but as it should be. The right to have you considered an equal among the strong, must be earned. I mean, when I came, was in unfamiliar conditions, not knowing the same language. It is curious that whereas in everyday life the ignorance of the French prevented, in training, on the contrary, helped. While the coach saw that I - for objective reasons - are not able to understand him, he did not try to carry with me some difficult conversations or enter into any critical explanation. Since my childhood I used to treat my work seriously, so faithfully did their job and was far from any team problems. That all changed when I learned the language. There is already communication was not to leave. Remember, at the beginning of the second season we clashed. After the match against weak team in the domestic Cup trainer made in the locker room dressing. Got the first number and me, but not the case: I didn't lose that day not a single martial art. Here I could not resist, came into the discussion. Since then, however, no public complaints addressed were not.- Say, Smertin at a premium today in Barnaul. Recently, it seems, even in the school where you studied with his brother, put the honor guard at your photo.- About the honor guard you, of course, bent (laughs)! But honorable disciple me, a former Trinitarian, really did. And the photo on this occasion, hung, and someone seems to have tried to Snitch. After that her and keep an eye on.- By your own admission, you are not heavily burdened by the production of new knowledge. Where's the current interest in reading?- Young do not pay attention, many serious things pass by. When you grow older, you begin to understand that in addition to food material, there is also spiritual. Before the book was, and now I read avidly, catch up. Japanese prose, Coelho, domestic authors - it's all interesting. There is a desire to delve into the meaning of life, and what better books can help with this?- The match with such modest opponents, as Albania, certainly will not help to discover something new in the understanding of the meaning of life.- And here we should not look for anything new. We are facing a global challenge to get to the championship of Europe, and to solve it, we first need to overcome local difficulties. We have four consecutive away games, and the first of this series in Albania.

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