Tambov hacker almost tore Champions League matches

Tambov hacker almost tore Champions League matchesAll residents Kirsanov, a small town in Tambov oblast, the last week and a half discussing the news of the European Champions League. Football fever has gripped the district town on 19 February, a few hours before the match "Milan" with "Locomotive", according to 'the news'. That day in Moscow detectives have established the identity of the person who is really able to disrupt the play of these two teams. He was Kirsanova Dmitry Merzlikin. The young man, now accused of fraud, was sent to the management of "Milan" emails on behalf of the trainer "Loko" Yuri Semin and striker Dmitry Loskov. In them, he offered the Italians to "donate" two games for only 250 thousand dollars. As he now says - "the joke". The Italians took a Russian joke seriously."Dear Signor Berlusconi! Our team is ready to give up your football club in matches season's European Champions League, provided that you pay to our account 250 thousand dollars. If you agree, the account number will be announced additionally. Dmitry Loskov. Yuri Semin". This letter, written in poor English, 1 of February of this year has been the editor of the official website of the Italian football club "Milan" Mauro Suma. He reacted to the message very seriously and forwarded it to the assistants to the President of "Milan" Silvio Berlusconi (who is also Prime Minister of Italy). The name "Milan" filed in the headquarters of UEFA. To ascertain all the circumstances of the mysterious case UEFA had intended to deprive "the locomotive" the right to play in the Champions League. But a written guarantee of the club's management, backed by promises of militia of Moscow to quickly find the author of provocative messages, acted by the officials of the Euroleague. Any sanctions to the Russian club managed to avoid.At the request of the Moscow police, the Italians in early February, tied an active correspondence with imaginary attacker Laskovy and head coach Semin. Milan allegedly promised to think over the offer and then tried to get the account number to which you want transfer money for future loss of "Locomotive". Access to the popular server free e-mail, from which came an e-mail to address "Milan", was carried out from Tambov region. The first leg of the Champions League in Milan and Lokomotiv played on 19 February, the attacker was installed. He was a resident of the city of Kirsanov. Against it criminal case under article 159, part 3 "Fraud committed on a large scale", - told "Izvestia" in the Department of internal Affairs of the Tambov region.Despite repeated attempts to police a criminal case, "Lokomotiv" he wants to deal with Dmitry Merzlikina. Meeting of official representatives of "Locomotive" with Merzlikina will be held in the next week. And in early March, UEFA will have all the documents proving that Lokomotiv lost to AC Milan in a fair fight..

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