Semin wants to quickly forget the defeat in Dortmund

Semin wants to quickly forget the defeat in Dortmund? A major defeat, in your opinion, is natural?? For this match, our opponents were much better prepared physically. Besides, we have an obvious difficulty in the middle line ? affected by the absence Loskov. Well, and the defense without Nizhegorodov acted not as reliable as usual. In this situation the chances of a positive result, we do not have. Expense, of course, could be both. Although the essence of the developments on the field it would not change.? Before the match you had the feeling that he could end this way?? Last Saturday our team had a tough match with CSKA. All 120 minutes of the game then passed at high speed, and forces the players spent a lot. So, of course, yet another day of preparation for a meeting with Borussia us would not stop.? The absence of Rosicky in the "Baresiii" was much less of a problem for the opponent than disqualification Loskov ? for "Locomotive"-? Yes, Rosicky plays an important role in the tactical scheme of Borussia, but, in my opinion, it is obvious that for such teams as the Champions of Germany, the loss of one key player still less significant than the lack Loskov for us.? How did you expect to still compensate for the loss of the captain?? We changed position Evseeva, moving it to a Central axis. But this measure did not bring the desired result ? Lokomotiv poorly controlled the ball, and the movement we needed.? When it was more difficult to withstand the powerful Collier: in Moscow or in Dortmund?? Czech forward in both games played very much. In Moscow we occasionally managed to successfully resist him. However, the pressure on the defense he provided constantly. And, as a result, scored in both meetings with our team.? You must have a serious talk with my players or the coaching staff of Lokomotiv have to them big claims?? Some of our players played better teammates, other ? weaker. But I must admit that the team as a whole performed at a lower level than he should. The case is the attitude of the players ? not all the players, "Locomotive" played to the limit. However, in the current situation it is better to forget the trip to Dortmund. After all, the season is just beginning, and there are a lot of important meetings.? If given the opportunity to spend pre-season training again, is there anything you would change in it?? No, I have to change anything wouldn't. I believe that the training process we have developed normally. Another thing is that during development some difficulties ? we don't have any real sparring.? What the contender "the Locomotive" in League of Champions was, in your opinion, is the strongest?? Here, because a lot depends on both teams leaving the field. For example, in Dortmund, we looked bad, and in Madrid, our team looked great. Therefore, to compare the strength of our opponents is hardly correct.? Borussia have hope that "the locomotive" in its final match of the tournament against real Madrid will help the German team in the fight for second place? I can say that Lokomotiv will be sufficient motivation. The visit of real Madrid to Moscow ? always a great event. And spectators to the stadium will come a lot. Therefore, and spirit, our team will certainly be a battle. In addition will reappear in the composition Loskov and Nizhegorodov. And we will try to give Madrid the fight.Michael Shpenkov.

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