Porto - Panathinaikos. Prick Olisadebe

Porto - Panathinaikos. Prick OlisadebeAfter winning the impregnable before the Ash Antas Athens Panathinaikos got a great chance of reaching the semi-finals of the UEFA Cup. Polish footballer guests Emmanuel Olisadebe forced "Porto" for the first time to capitulate in the home match. Wrestling in this match was predicted serious. Both teams have excellent performance in the national Championships: "Porto" ahead of the nearest competitor - "Benfica on 13 points, Panathinaikos, in turn, lead with a three-point gap from Olympiacos. In the Port owners could miss at 4-minutes - a powerful blow Nikos Liberopoulos parried Vitor Baia, Joonas Kolkka tried to crush the ball, but the goalkeeper reacted and thrust. Soon, however, the Portuguese came to their senses and established a matching game, through which they reached the quarter-finals. Tandem Maniche and Paulo Ferreira and then skillfully supplied transmissions Brazilian Derlei and Portuguese "collection" elder Postigo. It is Paulo Ferreira and created the first scoring gate at the time of the guests. Taking advantage of his canopy in the center of the penalty, Derlei powerfully struck his head, but the Greek goalkeeper Antonios Nikopolidis was in place. The way Panathinaikos in the quarterfinals could be an example of perseverance, yielding the result. The same quality brought to the Greeks the success in this match. Before the break they allowed the hosts to create only one more point. This is Kapuso went one on one with the Goal, but the shot hit the net from outside the gate. In the second half the home team came out determined to score, but his usual brilliant game got switched surprisingly nervous action. Still, Deco, who conducted the first match after obtaining Portuguese nationality, could be different in the second half. After retiring from several rivals, it is in the 57th minute chose a good position to kick that went wide. Shortly thereafter, the newly formed Portuguese played on free Cesar Peixoto, but he missed, and another sweet moment was missed. The Portuguese took pity on these unfortunate blunders when after 3 minutes, the Greeks managed to distinguish. Olisadebe have pronamel between two defenders and closed the transfer Colcci who pulled over Paulo Ferreira. In response to "Porto" have created a few good chances in front of guests, but still the same Deck and the Lithuanian Edgaras Jankauskas are unable to deal the final blow. In the end, a ten-minute assault on the hosts and were unsuccessful. The last time the Greeks gave a sigh of relief when the referee signalled for offside elder Postage, which was in a very advantageous position. Guest coach Sergio Markarian has praised his players for showing "courage and perseverance", adding: "I am very pleased that we managed to defeat the representative of the European top-ten list. His colleague, coach, "Porto" was not as emotional: "It was one of those matches where, even playing five or six hours, we were unable to score. Fortunately, we will have the opportunity to take revenge"..

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