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Chernyshov happy Sychev and Arshavin

Chernyshov happy Sychev and ArshavinMentor the youth national team of Russia Andrei Chernyshov pleased with attitude of players who had been at the main team of the country. In an interview in Italy RIA "news" Chernyshov said that players like Dmitry Sychev, Marat Izmailov, Andrei Arshavin has demonstrated a responsible professional attitude and stated that they "have a desire to play and win regardless of where they are now - in the youth or the home team."Blackburn also said that the Russian football Union has provided his team the perfect conditions for harvesting in Ancona. All scheduled for this fee the program is executed. As for the starting lineup, then, according to Chernyshova, and he will decide after his pregame workout on Friday, March 28. The match of the youth national team of Russia with a team of Albania will be held on Saturday, March 29, at 15.00 Moscow time..

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