Bobby Robson: Newcastle best team in my coaching career

Bobby Robson: Newcastle best team in my coaching careerCoach English Newcastle sir Bobby Robson believes that his current team is potentially the best he has ever directed. Seventy-year-old specialist during his thirty-five year old career has seen a lot of great players. His activities, he has gained the respect both at home and in many other countries, such as Holland, Portugal and Spain. In 1990 the England team under his leadership took fourth place at the world Cup. However, despite the fact that he had to work with such well-known players like the Brazilians Romario and Ronaldo, Dutchman Ruud van Nistelrooy, the Portuguese Luis Figo and England Bryan Robson, Gary Lineker and Peter Beardsley, Robson still believes that those players that he leads in "Newcastle" at the moment are the best. The experience of Alan Shearer and Gary AIDS, coupled with youth and ardor of Kieron Dyer, Craig Bellamy, Jonathan Woodgate, the Germen of Jenas and Hugo Viana helped "forty" to Express themselves not only at home but also in Europe. Robson, apparently, read a great future for his team. As you know, in today's second match of the group stage of the Champions League, his team takes the last year's finalist Bayer Leverkusen."I had the opportunity to work in many clubs, but I think my current team is the best of all. I have also had some very good guys in Ipswich, but then I had only 14 players. Now I have them, of course, much more than 14, and I think our team prepared for a good future."Today Newcastle waiting for the next trial. Team Robson meets with Bayer. We will remind that the first match between these teams, held in Leverkusen on "BayArena", ended with the victory of the British 3-1. In that match in the "Bayer" has not played a few first-team players. The acting head coach Thomas Gerster decided to throw all forces to rescue the team from relegation to a lower division, so I decided to give a rest to some players. Having won a victory in the last match of the Bundesliga against Hannover and several improved their standings, it is likely that in this match the Germans will try to fight the "Newcastle".In the "Newcastle" will enter the field again the team captain Alan Shearer, who was serving a two-match suspension after clashes that took place between him and the defender Italian "inter" Fabio Cannavaro. However, in this meeting will not be able to play Bellamy, received in the same match red card.Alan Shearer set up very strongly and will do anything to win into the quarterfinals."If we hadn't won on the road, you can say goodbye with the Champions League. However, we now have a small chance. In our first meeting, the circumstances were not the best. We knew we had to play at camp Nou will be very, very difficult. However, the us was well aware that we have scheduled two matches with Bayer, we are quite capable to win. This game is very important for us. Us in whatever was necessary to win. After all, if we lose, the loss of any chance to continue our fight in the Champions League"..

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