Ferguson undertook to defend the Hive

Ferguson undertook to defend the HiveOn the eve of the final match of the English League Cup between Manchester United and Liverpool FC, head coach of "Manchester United" sir Alex Ferguson made in the British press in support of his colleague Gerard Houllier. In particular, he invited the leaders of Liverpool to sign with the Hive tenure."In recent weeks, Gerard came under a torrent of criticism. Here and there, there were calls for the resignation of the Hive. Therefore, I found it possible to stand up for his colleague. The hive is a whole epoch in the life of Liverpool and he has done a Herculean job for the revival of the club. In the autumn of 2001 he was on the operating table and underwent a serious heart disease. Not everyone can return to their activities after a complex operation, but Gerard already after three months, led the team. It is an act of real courage and devotion to Liverpool FC. Calls for the resignation of Gerard are manifestations of ingratitude to that person. Moreover, the leadership of Liverpool, in my opinion, the Hive has to offer a lifetime contract with the club. The longer he will coach the team, the more he can do for the good of the club," said coach chief rival of Liverpool..

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