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The UEFA Champions League. Phrase of the tour

The UEFA Champions League. Phrase of the tourAlessandro COSTACURTA, Italian defender "Milan" (about the reasons of defeat in the match with real Madrid):? It was a strange game in a strange field. The lawn was wet, but tight, so instead of warm up, the whole team picked up the boots.Matthias SAMMER, head coach of Dortmund "Borussia" (that he did not demand from wards a major victory in a match with "the Locomotive"):? I would be happy with the score 1:0. Sorry, not had time to tell the players to so severely strained.Bobby ROBSON, the head coach of the English "Newcastle" (too small the chances of his team, as its main competitor plays in the last round with an outsider):? Nobody puts and penny for the win of Bayer in the game against inter. However, sometimes I think I don't know in football. So anything can happen.Igor TUDOR, defender of Juventus overjoyed after scoring the winning goals against the Spanish "Deportivo"):? Only when someone tapped me on the head and yelled something in my ear, so my head nearly split into three parts, I realized I had become the hero of the match.Christian GROSS, head coach of Basel (disagreeing with the fact that Basel sprang a surprise, draws on "old Trafford"):? Football your pleasant surprises. But it is time to stop only associate with our team. Surprise in Manchester was that the British were able to equalize.Thomas GERSTER, the head coach of Bayer (about the futility of the game against Barcelona):? The match against Barcelona is very inconvenient for us. It's a waste of time. Would be better if we practiced at home..

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