Torpedo-metallurg began his working career

Torpedo-metallurg began his working careerAt the stadium "torpedo" a name of Edward Streltsova open championship of Russia in the Premier League was held under the traditional flag-raising captains "torpedo - the Metallurgist" and "Spartak" Yury Kovtun and Sergei Shutikovym, the performance by the military band, together with a pleasant view of the drummers and dancers from Tocadisco support group. During the break recalled his football-pop star Chris kelmi. Usually the first matches of the Championships of Russia are a chaotic mess of ball in "mud baths". This time, think of the traditional "spring football", fortunately, was not necessary. Despite the fact that the weather was not the best part of the pitch was in quite reasonable condition, and the players showed enough quality game for this time of year. Both teams began to torment each other on a collision course almost immediately after the whistle. And, not surprising is the fact that the torpedo Sergey Aleynikov anything Spartak didn't and the first to create scoring chances when the Swedish Legionnaire stadium Jonas Wallerstedt sent on the flank Valeria Leonova, which, in turn, made the timely transfer to the center of the penalty area on Karen Ohanyan. Saved a red-and-white famously played at the exit of the Moroccan goalkeeper of Abdelilah Bugs. From both clubs it is possible to expect surprises, both pleasant and not so, because both structures are under development. After some time Wallerstedt beat himself from outside the penalty area, but Kovtun time rolled by Scandinavian and forced him to punch in a hurry and inaccurate. Spartak only after half an hour began to seriously threaten the goal of Andrew novosadova. First, Demenko't handled the match in the district odinnadtsatimetrovy mark, but the tension in torpedolike gate remained still for a few seconds. However, the plant crew responded with a dangerous counter-attack. And again the focus was on Wallerstedt, released almost one on one with Bugs. Then, the main person in the attack of the new Spartak's Roman Pavlyuchenko finally freed himself from his marker and shot into the middle from novosadova corner from close range, but the goalkeeper managed to get closer to the striker. In the next attack, Pavlyuchenko, it would seem likely threw novosadova, but played a great match Shustikov in falling through itself did not let the ball fall over the goal line. The curtain of the first half, the plant crew could score more than once. After a pass into the penalty area, Rekhviashvili's head made a pass on the edge Ohanyan. Karen took a header into the near corner, but inaccurate. After this episode the Cossacks played a free kick from the depth of field, which in turn blows struck Monari, Wallerstedt himself and the Cossacks, however, all resulted in a corner, on which the players "torpedo-the Metallurgist" the judge did not give the time and the teams went into the break. Due to the passive of the game on the last turn of the trainer's staff "Spartaka" has rookie Robert, replacing Daniszewski. However, with threats to re-start the plant crew. Leonov began to spin with the ball, beating two Spartak players in the penalty area, was brought down, but the ball bounced to Manurewa who were in scoring position. And again red and white saved Bugs, playing in a timely manner at the output. Looking ahead, it is worth noting that Spartak forwards not been efficient. Red-white tried to establish a total pressure on the gate "a torpedo-the Metallurgist", but at crucial moments they were brilliant host defense headed Shutikovym. Then followed a series of loud substitutions and deletions. Egor Titov was on the field for the first time after a serious injury and the first offense against the main red-white playmaker Rekhviashvili received a yellow card. After a few minutes of Georgians will get red, and between this, the removal of earned Yury Kovtun for a foul in midfield for a rough demolition Kazakova. However, the key moments of the match should designate two exits Titova one-on-one with Novosadova. In the first case, the danger is eliminated Shustikov in the right tackle, and in the second episode Novosadov not allowed to throw the ball. Also twice in the end could clog the plant crew. First Ohanyan beat Pavlenko and Vashchuk, but failed to get the ball, and then, Leonov went to rendezvous with Bugs from the right corner of the penalty area. The Moroccan has again demonstrated its ability to play on the outputs. As a result the match ended in a draw, which is about the chances of the teams to judge. Anatoly Samohvalov.

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