The super bowl in 2003. Evaluation of the FE

The super bowl in 2003. Evaluation of the FELOKOMOTIVOSOSTAV to 8.0. The hero of the penalty shoot - reflected-four! In the main time rescued the team after dangerous shots from close range Kusov and Gusev.NIZHEGORODOV - 7,0. Had a match without mistakes.PASHININ is 6.5. 120 minutes was one penalty that led to the dangerous moment at gate "Loko".SENNIKOV to 6.0. Lost the aerial duel Popov when Jarosik scored.EVSEEV is 6.5. You did a good job on his brow. After his headbutt Pimenov struck the ball into the goal.LEKHETHO is 6.5. With varying degrees of success fought on the flank with agile Gusev.IGNASHEVICH is 5.5. Missed Jarosik, when he scored the ball head.MAMINOV is 6.0. Selflessly fought in midfield. Could become the hero of the match, but in extra time came from close range in the bar.LOSKOV - 7,0. Again showed great individual skills and precise passes. It was after his transfer from the penalty Loko equalized.BUZNIKIN is 5.5. Could be different in the first half, but after a great pass Loskov struck the post.JULIO CESAR - 5,0. Its 45 minutes spent indistinct, and could neither handle the ball or aiming to break through.PIMENOV - 7,0. Fine entered the game. Equalized, effectively fulfilled the penalty shootout.IZMAILOV is 6.5. Significantly aggravated the game in attack, a flash of signature dribbling.SIRHAEV to 6.0. Good move, but couldn't be different.SCAMANDRIUS to 7.5. Saved the team from bumps in the emphasis Pimenova. Responded to a challenging shot Evseeva, but his partners didn't secure. Saved two penalty shootouts.And. BEREZUTSKI is 6.5. Gross mistakes were not allowed, well fought on the "second floor".EVSIKOV and 5.0. On the position of the Libero played poorly. Made four serious mistakes, one of which took advantage of Pimenov.In. BEREZUTSKI is 6.5. Looked no worse than the brother. Acted well on the lead.RAHIMIĆ - 7,0. Carried out a large amount of rough work. Skillfully made the transition from defense to attack.JANOWSKI is 6.0. Started the match well, but towards the end noticeably hooked.GUSEV is 6.5. Was extremely active. Made a few dangerous crosses from his flank. Dangerously beat a head. In extra time took out a ball from empty gate.LAIZĀNS to 6.0. Overall looked good in an unusual position of left midfielder.JAROSIK is 6.5. Was not too noticeable, but scored in his typical style - head after a corner. Several times hit from a distance, but the blows lacked precision.KUSOV is 6.5. Memorable activity, a tireless thirst for fighting and dangerous with a header in the first half.POPOV is 6.0. As usual, many struggled, trying to cling to every ball.SOLOMATIN to 6.0. Played about on par with Laizans.ŠEMBERAS - 5,0. The team's decision.HEINRICH is 5.5. Bumpy pitch did not allow for skillful forward to show their best qualities. Missed real chances to score.SAMODIN to 6.0. Actively entered the game, Potresov the defense of "Loco"..

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