Gudjonsen is not going to leave Chelsea

Gudjonsen is not going to leave ChelseaChelsea forward, Eidur Gudjonsen reported that it expects to spend at least another two years in his current club (the player's contract expires in two years).Despite the fact that Newspapers persistently been linked to 22-year-old Icelander in "Manchester United" in the period of application, this transition, apparently, will not take place. Gudjonsen has postponed talks with Chelsea about extending the current contract until the end of the season, but reiterated that he is not going to leave the club. This season, Gudjonsen can not secure a place in the starting lineup, showing the sometimes wishy-washy game. It caused a lot of rumors about the imminent parting on loan from Chelsea. "My current contract expires in two years, and I don't think that will leave the team before," said Chelsea forward "Sometimes you get very upset when a few games in a row not getting in the starting lineup. Everyone wants to play as much as possible. I had no luck - I got injured in the offseason. Now I need to work a lot to earn the old form," added Gudjonsen..

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